Our CAS Project Experience 

By G12 Rio & Mayuko  What does Project X do? They are based in Singapore, and their targets are the sex workers that are working in Singapore. Project X is an organization that works for environmental safety as well as the human rights of the people who work as sex workers in Singapore. They envision... Continue Reading →

The TV Programme “High School Rapper” In Korea

1% rating programme. However, the topic of this programme is ranked first. Mnet [Higher Wrapper] is a program that is now the most talked about online, precisely for teenagers apart from viewership. Mnet [Showtime Money] Hip-Hop came into the music reality show, Mnet [Untitled Rap Rap Star] turned women rappers into stars, and [Higher Wrapper]... Continue Reading →

Family Fun Fair

Article by Mayuko and Rio On the 5th of April, the Family Fun Evening was held at the Paterson Campus, middle school. A lot of students, teachers, and parents have participated in the event which has been successful in fulfilling its main purpose of engaging interactions within the community. There were also many people joining... Continue Reading →

Chingay parade

Article by Yuna Students in ISS participate in CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) activities to gain personal knowledge and develop their social skills. In the preceding term, 5 of my friends and I participated in the Chingay Parade group which was a great experience to have while developing social skills. Chingay parade is one of the... Continue Reading →

My CAS life- the memory project

Article by Jackson On the very end of April, my classmates and I who were interested in art participated in memory project, the project founded by a nonprofit organization intended to invite artists, teachers or students to portrait the pictures of somebody else in order to achieve certain goals also to memorize them. The person... Continue Reading →

Ways to Protect Dying Languages

Article by Angelicia and Rosalyn Did you know that languages can be also in danger? There are more than 6,000 languages in the world. However, the problem is that not so many people are using a certain language and this language can become useless. Imagine how you would feel if the language you used to... Continue Reading →

Willing Hearts

Article by: Wang Hao and Wookhyun Jung As a diligent IB learner. Student in ISS participated CAS(creativity/activity/service) on a  regular basis. Volunteering at Willing Hearts is what I and another anonymous student do. Willing hearts(愿之心)is a non-profit organization that is located in the East part of Singapore. According to Willing Hearts, everyday they produce more... Continue Reading →

Peer Counseling ECA

Article by: Yuna Maejima Peer counselling ECA that takes place on every Wednesday lunchtime, focuses on dealing stress that students may have on a regular basis. If you wish to support students under stress, or if you want to have a career related to psychology in the future, this is the right time for you... Continue Reading →

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