Student Council

Hi guys! Greetings from the Student Council!
Hope you guys have been having a great term! We’ll just let you in on what we’ve done last term, and what we’re planning to do this term!
Last term, we’ve had a free ice cream day, BBQ and consistent and regular free dress days! So well done everyone for being able to follow the school rules. Just like you, we’ve had to adjust to the changes made in school, but it turned out well! So lets hope this term and the next term to come will only get better.
Expect another ice cream day and BBQ some time this term, and of course, we have THE STUDENT LOCKDOWN coming up (with a Halloween theme!) on the 6th of November. We’ll also be hoping to have more themed free dress days given the festive nature of this term!
We’re looking forward to working with you guys this upcoming term!
StuCo out!

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