Dressember Is Back!

Image from the Dressember Foundation

Article by Kinari Adiarni

December is right around the corner and although we’re all already counting down until the winter break, we’re also counting down to Dressember! Dressember is a movement where we dedicate the act of wearing a dress every single day for the whole month of December as a symbol for advocating for women who have been exploited. Slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression are still on going issues happening in this world that involves million of victims to which most of them are women.

“The heart of Dressember is freedom – that every woman has the right to live a vibrant and autonomous life.” – The Dressember Foundation

Freedom. Dignity. Creativity. The three words that are plastered on the banner on the Dressember website. It’s a creative challenge that was founded by Blythe Hill that helps communities inspire and empower one another and most importantly, raises awareness of the horrible injustices done to women. Along with wearing the dresses as a physical representation, we’ll also be raising funds. The money collected is then given to the International Justice Mission and A21, which work alongside with the Dressember Foundation. These are human right organizations that focus on rescuing and protecting those who cannot protect themselves, specifically for this case women who are brought into slavery and trafficking. They aim to prove that justice for the poor is possible.  

Last year was the first time Dressember was ever initiated in ISS and it was a successful project. We had an amazing group of 41 students and 2 teachers and together the school had raised up to $6133. This year our goal is to reach $6000. By having students wear dresses has it not only made the school much more colorful and brighter, the sch
ool was also ableto work together to support the cause. Don’t feel discouraged that because the month is
associated with dresses and representing women’s rights that boys can’t join as participants as well! Last year, both our president and treasurer, Tommy Handoko and Shane Yap, joined the movement and was passionate with wearing a dress everyday. It’s also not only the action of the participants of Dressember that has made a difference but to each and every person who donated. Every donation counts, no matter how small. We all had a great experience doing Dressember, below are pictures of a few of our members from last year.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.46.07 pm

By joining ISS’s Dressember team, you can collect donations from your families and friends and spread the cause! You can join the High School Dressember group on Managebac now and make your fundraiser page at: www.dressember.org. Once you’ve finished your page you can join the #TeamISSDressember team fundraiser page. If you have questions or would like to know more you can go to Rin Wada, Yuri Igarashi or Kinari Adiarni in grade 11.

This is bigger than a dress. As advocates, we are celebrating and embracing the freedom and feminity of all women. This is a reminder of the freedom that we’re allowed to but also in behalf of those who aren’t able to. There are women all around the world who are being oppressed simply for their gender and that being feminine is seen as a weakness but we stand in this movement to prove otherwise. Women are strong and we will continue to fight forward until all women are allowed to live their own lives.

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