More Funding for Arts Education


Article by Shintaro Miyata

How would you feel … if in the future, no music exists in the world; there aren’t any of your favorite artists, and the only sound you hear are the voices of people, daily life noise and the sound of electric devices? How would you feel if no electric devices were stylish, or fashionable? And people are all wearing black cloth because they don’t have interest in fashions? How would you feel if no television broadcast art created things like animation movies, cartoons/anime and your favorite band/ group? How would you feel, if there was no novel in the world and only the book says about how you should be respectful to the country? How would you feel if everyone only talks about STEM things? How would you feel if you could only speak easy and simple words to speak to your friends?

With out arts, there are no beautiful, magnificent emotions: no specialty.

Lots of people say, “Arts are not important in our life” or “Arts are less important compared to the other subjects” As the person who is very into the art subject, nevertheless, I think the subject arts are important as these subjects. Of course there are a great quantity of greatness in studying these what we call STEM subjects namely science, technology, engineering, mathematics by taking the capital letter from each of them. Nevertheless, art is the great subject to develop us, and without arts there will be lots of problem occurring, and mass of cons happening. There are some evidences to explain these statements.

From information from the website Mic, there are benefits to making the art with your own two hands. According to a experiment done by using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), producing artwork improved psychological resilience and increased brain activity for the participants by the end of the experiment.

However, there is terrifying statement in the arts, which is from the study from Edutopia mentioned below. In California, 46% of participation in music class dropped during 1999 to 2000. Through 2000 to 2004, the number of enrollment increased about 6%, according to Music for All Foundation. While number of music teachers declined 26.7%. According to study done by SRI International, because of that, in 2006, 89% of K-12 students failed to take standard-based course of study in all four disciplines. And even, in some schools there were no full-time-working art specialist. So by not learning the subject art, entire learning skill will decrease.

From the same website, Edutopia, I found that there was one study report by the Rand Corporation about the visual arts argues that the subject art does not only riches life of the students or make the life enjoyable, but they can connect students more deeply into the world, open them to new way of seeing things, and builds up the base to create social bonds and community cohesion. From the other website, USA TODAY, These statements were listed. By studying drama; helps to develop social skills. By studying music; helps with mathematical skills, reading skills, and language skills. By studying dance; helps to think in creative way, and advance our self-confidence. And by studying visual arts, it helps us to organize in writing, and helps to imagine images. This means that learning arts will enrich us in our skills and our life. We will be able to do critical thinking, we will be able to do more teamwork, and we will be able to communicate more with others fluently.

Conclusively, because of these reasons, the subject art is very important to be taught to students in the world. The technologies we use these days contains art in their designs, the clothes you wear and the thing you see is mostly art related. But in this school ISS, the visual arts’ fund to buy art supplies are not enough, so lots of students have no access to the good quality art material. Don’t you think it is foolish not to have good material for the art, when it is very beneficial to our learning? We should not wait for the people or school to give the visual art more of money. We should take action; we should tell the school to give more funds to the art class.

Your action makes a reaction.

Now is the time to act.

2 thoughts on “More Funding for Arts Education

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  1. Hi Shintaro–This is so interesting and you cited lots of research! I really appreciate your passion, and of course, I agree! Art education is so important for making well-rounded, capable, creative, thoughtful people! Keep up the good work!


  2. I think you are a perfect role model for a young person living the artistic life, Shintaro! You are an amazing actor and dancer as I have seen in Drama class, and now you show us what a talented writer you are too:) I agree with your opinions on the Arts as they keep us healthy and happy all our lives, and would love to see more students building their confidence by expressing themselves:)


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