Mornings Spent Making Friends

Story by Sarah Johansson

The Animal Lovers’ League is a group of students and teachers at ISS whom on a weekly basis spend a few hours with dogs and other stray animals at one of Pasir Ris’ animal shelters.

“A regular day at the shelter involves walking, cleaning, feeding, and a lot of cuddles…” Calista Cuaca from Grade 12 announces as her newfound best friend, Ris, playfully licks her cheek.


For four years, Saturday and Sunday mornings have been spent at the Animal Lovers’ League shelter with devoted students aged 16 and above who meet in one of Singapore’s most rural parts. Their work involves spending time with animals that have been born on the street, or left there by previous owners, to offer support, stimulation and warmth to these friendly and loving characters.

When asked what he enjoyed most about ALL, DuoDan from Grade 11 recorded the following: “The joy you see from the animals when you arrive at the shelter, especially the dogs. They are very active and hyper when they see you and it makes you feel like it’s worth spending your Saturday morning with them.”

From beautiful, young crossbreeds such as Ris, the shelter also has large, energetic characters like Ping-Pong, and gentle giants like the old German shepherd who lies resting in his corner, ready for a stroke on the back.

Although part of the job is to pet the loving cats and showing affection for puppies, the majority of the group’s time is spent supporting animals that can barely walk, have skin infections, or are seemingly apathetic. Humans have treated many of the animals at the shelters terribly poorly and it comes across strongly when visiting the shelter.

It is not a task for everyone, particularly if you are uncomfortable with animals. However, it is an important cause to support for all people living in Singapore and elsewhere.

If you are not already a member of Animal Lovers’ League, here are some suggestions on how You can help us save the lives of our beloved companions:

  • Give money to fundraising entities
  • Talk or ask about the shelters to help us spread awareness
  • Buy our calendars and candy canes during our annual Candy Cane Drive
  • Encourage your friends or family to ADOPT a stray

For more information on how to help, visit

To join our group you must be 16+, interested, organized and committed. If this sounds like you, please contact Mrs. Guillotel or Sarah Johansson (G12).

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  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for sharing this information and inspiration about animals. They bring so much joy to so many people! ALL is AWESOME!


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