Start School Later!

Article by Jason Yoo


Our school, ISS, starts at 8 in the morning. I take a school bus to school, but each student has a different way coming to school such as MRT, public bus, or taxi. For me, as the school bus will pick me up at 7:30, I have to wake up around 6 to 6:30, but some students who live far away from school should wake up more earlier. As I am also a student in ISS, I understand how tired, and sleepy students are.

Everyone thinks weekdays are tiring and frustrating; however imagine if you would be waking up later in the morning like on weekends. Think that it would not be as tiring in the morning when you go to school? You are rejuvenated everyday without stress. Will it be better than now?

I think ISS International school should start school after 10 a.m morning.

School should start late because teenagers need physically and mentally to sleep late, and wake up late. This is not because of social environment or any other external reason. It is because of biorhythm. Teenagers’ biorhythm is different to adults. Reason why human sleep is because of secreting melatonin, which is a hormone induces sleep. For teenagers melatonin secrete two hours later than adults, which leads to sleeping, and waking up late. Average time when adults go to bed is 10 p.m, and wake up at 8 a.m, but teenagers are two hours late. Also they said waking up early for teenager is same as an age of 65 or above waking up after only 1 hour sleep. According to “Science Daily”, the best time for students to start studying or start lesson is 10 to 10:30 morning for 11 to 16 years old, and 11 to 11:30 for 17 to 19 years old. This is why students are tired, and can’t concentrate on morning.

Lack of sleep affects health, and academic stress. According to research done by the American government, 75% of high school students have lack of sleep. According to the America Bureau of Statistics, the use of illegal drug usage, and drop out of school increased more than twice for 3 years, because of academic stress. But why am I relating academic stress, and lack of sleep? According to Columbia University in America, student with lack of sleep is 71% more likely to get depression, and 48% more likely to think of suicide. Also Samsung Korean hospital stress hormone secrets more when a person has lack of sleep.

Enough sleep gives advantages to education. In America there is a call to action called “Start School Later.” According to American Bureau of Statistic 40% of school starts before 8, this action actually happened, school started 30 minute late. After that students who slept for more than 8 hours was only 16% of American student, but it increased to 57%. In America also drug usage, caffeine, and alcohol drinking decreased. For only 30 minute starting late a big change came towards. Now lets look at a high school in U.K. Moncresten high school starts at 10. After 1 year pass rate of U.K. GCSE increased to 20% in English and math.

I think ISS should start after 10 a.m.,School should start late, because of students’ health and stress. Students also can concentrate more on class, and also increase their grades. Also lack of sleep affects a lot of health which can lead to serious problems.

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