The Haze

Article by Rishi Srinivasan

Photos by Rishi Srinivasan and Google

Haze is not the best for ISS. Haze has caused the whole of Singapore to get sick and that delays everything. But what is it? And how haze it affected ISS?

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Haze is an atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and other dry particles pollute the air quality and make the sky hard to see. Due to the contamination of air quality, during extreme conditions of haze people find it difficult to breathe. Over the past few weeks, Haze has become a major environmental issue in Singapore. This problem however has been significant since the 70s however currently it is worse than it has ever been.

Tarani Cree Kruman

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Our school ISS has many outdoor activities as school is not only about studying, but also it maintains everything from physical education to fun. The haze has been killing our outdoor activities such as in P.E had to do basketball for the second unit and many people were pumped about the fact of basketball but haze changed the unit.

Not only does it affect the normal classes it also affects ECA . All outdoor activities in ISS have been cancelled such as badminton ECA, Varsity football, Varsity volleyball, Cross country, Pink Ribbon Walk and Animal Lovers League, Swim gala, to name just a few. “Swim gala was going to happen which would have been really fun and school closing is very sad but one big problem was we had to wear masks and it really annoyed me and it also cancelled the cross country which I was doing well in.” – Valentina Brodini 9.3

When the PSI (Pollutant standard index) reading reaches 300, school is shut down nationally. Haze has also affected the students of ISS’s health as it affects breathing and sight therefore people had to miss school as they got sick and at one point of time which the whole school shut down (must remember because it was the best thing that happened for students and also teachers) “Yes I have got an throat pain and my eyes started to dry up which was scary”- Valentina Brodini 9.3 . People who like school also get sick and it affects the studies.

But even then we missed education and not learned as much as we would in school.

An interview with Valentina Brodini had the same perspective as many other ISS students. Yes it also affects where we go out and many outdoor activities are cancelled and it has been going on for a long time. “It also affects where we go out and many outdoor activities are cancelled and it has been going on for a long time.” – Valentina Brodini.  This shows that students in ISS not only face problems in school but other places. “The Pink Ribbon Walk got cancelled which was disappointing as we paid for it and we wanted to raise awareness for breast cancer” – Valentina Brodini. This walk had not only effected Valentina it effected everyone in Singapore who wanted to go to The Pink Ribbon Walk.

Symptoms and effects

Haze does affect the lungs severely and it dries then irra eyes and skin not everyone does take it seriously which needs to be taken serious as it is an easy chance of causing asthma therefore try stay indoors.

How to protect yourself

*Wear N95 Mask

*Stay indoors with air purifiers or air conditioner

*Eye drop that makes your eyes not dry

*Cover as much skin possible  to not dry it

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  1. Hi Rishi, thanks for this article about the serious haze problem. As one of the girl’s volleyball coaches, I can attest to the fact that it has seriously impeded our active, sporty lifestyle, and has hindered our abilities to build our volleyball skills, our teamwork, and our deeper understanding of our chosen sport. It’s downright unhealthy in all respects! Yuck! I really appreciate your commentary about how haze affects us all. Thanks.


  2. This is an excellent article, Rishi – we really do need to stay informed about how the haze is affecting all of us, and what has caused it. Your article is really well organized and gives a very insightful student perspective.


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