Endurance and Persistence: ISS Cross Country

Article and Photos by Juyeon Kim and June Park

Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) cross country race was held on September 4th at Pasir Ris park. The players of ISS were two grade 9s, Seraphino Huang and Valentina Brodini. They ran 3200m in total for ‘infinity symbol-shaped’ track. This race is quite meaningful, because it is the first participation of ISS to this race.

Seraphino and Valentina took 17th place with 26 minutes 6 seconds and 9th place with 25 minutes and 12 seconds respectively. When interviewed before the race, Valentina said her goal was to beat Seraphino, which she achieved.

DSCF5485 DSCF5499

We asked the runners some questions about the not that well-known sports, cross country. When we asked Seraphino about his reason to join the race, he answered, “I feel like it is good to do something new.” He added, “Because I have been going to the gym recently, and I think I

am more fit than before, I just wanted to try to see how I do.” As he started the cross country race, he chose the nice scenery as the most fascinating thing about cross country, while endurance as the hardest thing. “The most fascinating thing about cross country would be running not just in a trek, but with nice scenery. However, it is quite difficult to endure and keep yourself calm even if you get tired.”

Valentina answered that she decided to join cross country because she has done cross country once before, and she thinks it’s interesting. She runs 5km every other day while she listens to music for practice. And she added the most fascinating thing about cross country is that when she runs, she feels free and relaxed and she doesn’t think of anything but “just breathe, and relax, clear mind.” She said it is tiring especially at the end of the run but she still enjoys it.

Unlike these two, there were lots of runners from the same school in the race. Unlike our guess that the runners would feel down due to the bigger groups of the students from other school, they expressed that they do not really care about it. Seraphino said, “Because it is not a sprinting event, so there’s not much to get nervous about this. There is no more of everything just explodes, going on and then immediately ends. It is more of keeping our own pace, and winning myself, so if you failed or not, it is just more peaceful, I guess.”

They described the cross country as Endurance overall. “I would describe it as endurance. Because regardless of what you do, you need to be able to last until you cross the finish line.”

To encourage the runners, Mr. Bell, the ISS P.E teacher and coach, said, “When you stop, you cannot run again. So JUST GO. DON’T THINK ABOUT RUNNING.”


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