2015 Art Exhibition at Australian High Commission

By Sharaf Awad Momen

The night of the Art exhibition at the Australian High Commision was truly amazing and it’s heartwarming to see that the students’ hard work is being celebrated by the Australian High Commission in an attempt to celebrate and embrace Art. Even the artists were a work of art – half of them had crazy dyed hair or good clothing style. They gave themselves a visual form that they feel to truly suit them and express a little about who they are.

The atmosphere wreaked of excitement and the thought-provoking pieces of art stirred the air. The annual art exhibition was another success. Every year, the High Commission holds an event to display artwork by the 12th grade IB Art students from various international and Australian schools throughout Singapore, with the intention of celebrating Art. Last year, it was mostly composed of a series of portraits and paintings on canvases; however, this year posed a change – the variety of art has taken a substantial leap into creativity. As portraits and paintings remained, there were pieces such as coloured clothing that hung from the ceiling, photographs skilfully tweaked by software, hand-crafted giant birds that hung from the top floors and more! It was definitely a colourful night.

Unfortunately, taking pictures was prohibited; however, we will attempt to colour the ineffable event with words. The Australian High Commission was grand and the artwork were organised effectively – not necessarily symmetrically or in order, but there was intention behind its orientation. The place was heavily packed and movement was difficult. Occasionally, a word would be spoken into the microphone, and one would be given the opportunity to breathe, which was an issue as the beauty of these masterpieces took our breath away. The artworks’ lucid brilliance shined and spoke of the artists’ inspirations. The paintings screamed out their pieced and abstract emotions, and their realistic nature vexed the audience and completely loosened their grasp of the reality they think they’re in. Occasionally, though brilliant, contexts were often difficult to interpret. Yet, the aesthetic qualities were mesmerising and compelled our sights to gravitate towards them. So for once, one wouldn’t be considered shallow to stick to the superficial traits.

Though the event focused on art, of course, the audience’s comfort was taken well into account. There were bottles of champagne and red wine situated in the middle – convenient. Afterall, everything is much more appreciated when Interpretation goes wild (nothing disastrous happened, do not worry). And as people enjoyed the lucid paintings and art that surrounded them by sheer numbers, music was played at the background by talented musicians that came from several of the international schools partaking in the event, to fill spaces visual arts could not, in its own canvas: Silence.

It was a great night and much has been interpreted, analysed and appreciated and we hope next year’s DP Art students get to have the opportunity to display and celebrate their artwork too – so the current 11th grade DP art students. Keep honing your skills till then, and please don’t discourage yourself and ask, “Are we expected to do this? I quit” (Not pointing any fingers. *Cough*Kinari Adiarni*Cough*). We’re already looking forward to next year’s annual Exhibition to see how far our fellow artists’ developing human creativity and ingenuity takes Art in the span of a year.

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  1. Hi Sharaf! Thank you for covering our exhibition for the ISS Voice! I’m particularly pleased with one of the sentences you wrote: “So for once, one wouldn’t be considered shallow to stick to the superficial traits.” In G10 Art, we are learning that the “superficial” traits, or the most basic information in an artwork–the things that we can actually see, rather than what we think or feel–are actually the MOST IMPORTANT for trying to understand any visual artwork! So, your article was very timely for our G10 Art discussions. Thanks again–Ms. L


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