A Little Flexibility

Article By Sharaf Momen

ISS uniforms have taken a massive leap. Remember the old ones? Yeah, the buttoned-down shirts with a boring purple globe between two merlions embroidered at the left breast pocket? Yeah. They’re gone! From that, ISS uniforms have managed to rise to an excellent design appreciated by much of the student body – a white polo shirt that compliments the strategically placed and prominent lion head logo at the left breast region, along with black inner-sides, which are quite stylish and helps to hide stains, if there be any in the time to come. As much as we enjoy wearing this uniform proudly, the pants bring problems.

As much as many schools are fighting for rights to deviate from the route of school uniforms in order for self-expression, we enjoy our uniforms, except, there are so many benefits that could come to an average student’s life if we were to remove, maybe, half the uniform rule? That is, it would add flexibility to our lifestyles if we were to wear whatever pants we want. It’s understandable that removing the uniform rule completely would, despite the self-expression and potential comfort, create problems, such as some students taking much of their time to choose a highly-fashionable outfit or one that may be considered inappropriate and violates school rules. However, by offering us the option to wear our pants of choice, we won’t have to constantly worry about whether we’ve forgotten our P.E. clothes.

Furthermore, some students don’t use their lockers. It becomes difficult for them to stack up more clothes in their bag on their way to school for P.E. or when they want to change out of their uniforms to go out after school. This serves consequences to the shoulders and back, which attacks the physical well-being of the student.

By spreading the option to wear our pants of liking to more of the student body than only seniors, we have less clothes to pack, lessening the damage we do to our backs or simply making climbing the stairs easier – let’s not forget about that.

The pros of giving flexibility of pants to students far outweigh the cons, which can easily be dealt with. Of course, rules regarding pants must remain – short shorts not allowed, torn jeans, light colours, etc. That rule can be easily enforced on the student body. In addition, it would seem strange to think that students would use hours in picking the pants they wear to school, so it wouldn’t consume much of the students’ time, energy and concern. Finally, altering the school wear slightly won’t change how we represent the school. The black pants are also considered great, however, it’s the shirt that represents ISS best to the public. Not the pants…

So what exactly will we be sacrificing to add a bit of comfort and flexibility to the student life?

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 4.04.07 pm

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  1. This is an interesting point of view, the new shirts certainly do look smart and represent the school. However, leaving the pants to student choice………..Not yet convinced!


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