Dhruv Wadkar: Asiatic Lion

By Haru Okano

The ISS Voice was lucky enough to get time from Dhruv Wadkar and got him to answer some questions about his exhibit during the past few days at Sun Tec City- Asiatic Lions!

Why Asiatic Lions?

People must be keen in knowing why Dhruv had his exhibition on Asiatic lions… Did he have a personal connection to Asiatic lions? Or was it because he liked them? Well, Dhruv has stated that because Asiatic lions are in danger of extinction, he wanted to raise awareness on that fact and communicate by exhibiting photos he took. He has had a strong passion in photography since he was young, so he used his photography skills as a tool to communicate the message. Not many people know that there are lions in Asia, so he wanted others to be aware of that too. Dhruv feels personally, that lions (and animals in general) are no different than human beings. He says that we have the same emotions, and the only thing different is our visual appearance. That is why he feels a close connection with the Asiatic lions, and why he chose them as part of his exhibition.

Why photography?

When Dhruv was 7 years old, he went on a trip to the wild with 10 photographers who were his family’s friends. Since EVERONE on the trip was a photographer, he had nothing else to do, except to borrow a camera from one of the adults. Although he got a cheap camera to borrow, one photographer believed in the photos he took and complimented him on his work. Ever since then, he has loved taking photos and has been doing it The photographer he followed would tell him to “click whatever you want”, which lead Dhruv taking photos that were free and giving the original taste of Dhruv’s photos. Dhruv took the photos of the Asiatic Lions not at a zoo, but at Gir National Park, which is a wildlife sanctuary and forest, located in India. When I asked him why, he answered that he was interested in wild life. He says he isn’t a big fan of zoos, and the whole idea of animal captivity. This comes to how he said that animals are no different from us!


As many of you know, this wasn’t his first time holding an exhibition. Back in India, he had 2 exhibitions in the past. We asked him- what was so different about having your exhibition in Singapore? Dhruv told us that is was very different. Back in India, the people who came would be more of family and friends. However, in Singapore, his family and friends also came, but addition to that, passers-by and other people who were just interested also came too. Some photography experts came to his exhibition, and since he talked to every person who visited, he was able to learn different ways of thinking about photography and getting to learn new vocabulary. Dhruv says, “The exhibition here in Singapore had been a new learning phase!”


After listening to Dhruv’s outstanding perspective, we were very keen in knowing his future goals. Dhruv said that what he wants the audience to take away from the exhibit is to have them see HIS perspective. He wanted to share with people his own perspective of animals, as one way of viewing things. After that, as individuals he wants the audience to understand his perspective. The message he strongly had in his mind was the fact that in the end, we are the same as lions, and have no difference. We are all same as because we are all living creatures!!

It was such a pleasure to have time to talk with Dhruv. To get more informationabout what he has been doing and further details, check his website out! →http://dhruvwadkar.com/

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