Grade 9 Robotics Competition

Written by Meghna Murali

Photos by Ivy Lin (9.2)

The robotics competition that took place on the December 2nd was a great success for the many grade 9 students that took part in it. The students of grade 9 who take Design had spent about 10 weeks designing and programming the robots in pairs to move through a game board in order to win the competition. There were many different elements to the different robots that allowed it to successfully pass through the game board.
The game board was designed for specific programs to be written such as one for following the black line, one for lifting and throwing an object, another for knocking over certain objects and more in order to go through it. Two of the same game boards were set side by side, while the robots battled it out to the finish line.

As Juyeon Kim (grade 9) said, “it was very a nerve-wracking moment that lead up to pressing the button to start the robot,” because she didn’t know if it was going to work or not, but at the end it was good because she never thought in her life she would build a robot from scratch. As the robot was originally made by the students themselves, they were very passionate about making their robot the best it could be. Although all the competitors did well throughout the entire competition, the final round of the competition was between Brickmaster (Mason and Alejandro) and Camel (Ed and Rachel). Both robots did well; however Camel took first place winning 110 to 50.

Even though the event overall produced a creative way to display the different robots, it did bring out a lot of stress during the day as some robots began to malfunction or lose battery. Juyeon has stated that, “it was hard and tiring because this happened a lot.” But even through all these struggles, she stands by her opinion that this was an interesting way to show the work to the rest of the grade. It was interesting to see the robots in action but it was also nice to see the rest of the grade’s creations and their different ideas.

IMG_6927 2
Although many frustrating situations occurred during the event, there was no better way to display the skills we’ve learned the past 10 weeks in Design than a robotics competition.

IMG_6924 2

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