Students VS Teachers

Teachers VS Students

Everyone in ISS works hard but who do you think works harder – teachers or students? And who does more work? ISS has put their Reponses

(Drum roll please … )


44 people have put their responses and in them 32 of them were students and rest were teachers. Everyone has their own perspective and in the forty-four people 18 of them said both, ten of them said teachers and the rest said students. People of ISS, may I give a nice shout out to that one teacher who said, “Students” because you understand us to. Well it is debatable but in my opinion I think teachers do more work.

I think teachers do more work because of many reasons and also six people out of the ten people who chose teachers were students who also had the same opinion as me. Well I say this because a teacher has to be more organized and always have to plan ahead because they need to plan it in a way where we learn and have fun. Teachers not only have to plan ahead and organize but they also have to grade papers that take probably around 15-20 min each paper (depends) and some may argue that we have to do homework and we have way too much pressure to do well in academics. That is true therefore us “students” have chances, but teachers have to ensure that they don’t lose their jobs.

The average of how much time people spend on schoolwork for both students and teachers are 2-4 hours but us students are not as organized as teachers and I wouldn’t say that there is a big difference of who does more work. This is because students are not fully organized and it is not their fault as a young adult; our brain is not fully developed and that is why the amount of time the teachers and students spend is the same but teachers still end up doing more work.

According to Infolona, the IB is the toughest curriculum and that is true. Most of the pressure is put on students as our school is IB and students of ISS probably know why. Students also have to be very hardworking as this depends on their future. One student responded, “Different students can be more or less serious about their academics. I know people who study a lot. Some others just slack off. They have the minimum limit, but they are rather free of their amount of effort needed. So I guess in the end is how much passion you have for studying or for your work.” This is very true because we choose to either put effort or just give up.

So at the end of the day I think teachers do more work but still it is my perspective not yours. When students are more efficient in their academics, they can do better. Solution: Students should be able to follow a person with a good example and they are called teachers.



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  1. Great article with interesting thoughts! I think both students and teachers work equally hard, but for different goals. Each student has to live under incredible pressure from his or her family to get good grades so they can have a successful future . . . but teachers (at least teachers like me) work hard to make learning something all students can use not just for grades but for personal development, so they can become better people today and in the future. Sometimes this kind of planning takes way longer than marking – but it is so much more rewarding that we don’t even notice the hours we spend on this because we keep our goals of seeing all our amazing students transformed by the lessons we plan. At the end of the day, it’s about both teachers and students leading a balanced life, right? Hopefully we are all getting our balance back over this wonderful holiday:)


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