News Coverage: Who Cares, and Who Pays?

Article by Rishi Srinivasan

Internationally countries are recognized by media. Media tells the world of what is happening in all parts of the world. Media is a strong way to persuade a message but some countries are not noticed and mostly it is the developing countries that are not noticed. Countries such as Chennai for instance. In December, a devastating flood was running through the whole of Chennai which killed more than thousand people and also a long economic crisis is caused  because of the floods. The media in India only covered this topic but internationally it was not big news. On 13th of November in France, there was a terrorist attack a stadium. This attack had destroyed lives after France had opened their doors to welcome Syrian refugees. In the attack on 130 people had a tragic death. This was a very big issue not only in France but internationally the news was going viral. It was spread fast and people were more devastated everywhere. All companies, for example, Facebook had paid their respects in many different ways. Meanwhile, in Chennai the governments never did anything, people died, the infrastructure is destroyed and poverty rates have gone up higher. The media never showed as much empathy (internationally) to Chennai, which is a developing country that got more people, killed. Therefore, the France shooting was the biggest news and was widely spread.

Chennai Floods Nigeria Attack Paris bombing
Killed More than 10,000 people 150 130
Affected/injured more than 3 million people 200 368
News result from google 1,390,000 22 22,000,000
GDP 1,870 USD 3,872 USD 57,027 USD

This is not the only example of the media showing more empathy to developed countries than developing countries. 9/11 was a tragedy it was a big issue that broke many people’s hearts. In 30th December 2011 in Pakistan, a city called Quetta had a suicide bomber that killed 16 people and injured 35 people all these people were innocent but media never showed empathy towards this. I checked the Internet and only saw one article about this bombing but several articles about 9/11 and the France terrorist attacks. This is not the only attack that happened. In 4th of November 2011 in Nigeria, Potiskum, 150 people died and 200 got injured with 200 militants shout ‘Allah hu Akbar’ as they slaughter one-hundred and fifty in a bombing and shooting rampage that targeted six churches and a police station. At least, one hundred and thirty of their victims were Christian. This was not a noticed bombing the media never went wildfire over this.

Je Suis Charlie was another attack in France on January 7th, 2015, 12 people were killed by a ISIS terrorist group and it was easily spread. I also think like everyone else that these attacks were tragic. But media don’t ever focus on disasters that happen in developing countries in developing countries more people die than people in developed countries.But still developed countries are more focused. This is mostly because media wants to make money. The media makes more money like this because in developing countries things such as big disasters are more common than tragic disasters in developed countries. This is because a developed country is safer than a developing country making more people want to see the news and this causes the media to make more money. Therefore, in developing countries the disasters is not a big deal; therefore, the media doesn’t try to spread the news that is happening in developing countries.

I think it is fine to make more money by showing more empathy to developed countries by media. But it is also bad to not recognize the developing countries that need more recognition. I think that the news show, at least, tries mention and explain what is happening in the developing countries. Not only do I think that the news should change because media comes in many different ways. Articles that are voluntarily done should not always be about developed countries as there are enough articles on disasters in developed countries.

women-walk-chennai-floods(Mogul, 2015)


Mogul, P. (2015) Chennai floods: 10 businesses that set up initiatives to help Tamil Nadu’s disaster victims. Available at:  (Accessed: 15 March 2016).

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  1. This is a very important issue to discuss and raise awareness about, Rishi! Unfortunately the media does depend on money, and so often choose stories that people in the West or developed world will want to watch. We as individuals need to become more engaged and critical consumers of media by finding more of the hidden stories – just like yours!


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