Are You a Bully?

An article written by Rishi Srinivasan

Are you a bully? No? How do you know if you are a bully? You may not figure that you are a bully. Maybe because you know you are talking to your friend and you think he/she is not hurt.  Well read this article if you want to see if you are bullying and we will give you a solution.

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In America 160,000 “students“ stay at home missing school. Why you may ask?

BULLYING is a very big problem around the world. This statistics is from ABC News. Bullying makes some people look big and strong and tears other people bit by bit because it can be very hurtful to one and another.

Bullying comes in many forms, such as physical bullying (which we don’t see very much), emotional bullying (which we see a lot), and verbal bullying (which we see everywhere including social media) and other types of bullying such as rumors, blackmailing, and peer pressure. These are very common types of bullying we see often. None of these types of bullying are more serious or less serious; all kinds of bullying can hurt a person a lot. Bullying is in every age group including adults, not only children get bullied.

Verbal bullying is one of the most common things we easily can see. Sometimes we usually do it because we think that the other person is okay with it. In usual cases friends take it okay but sometimes people get hurt of what you say to them (verbal bullying) without knowledge. A good way to find out if your comment is hurting your friend or acquaintance is to ask them if it is hurting you. If you feel very scared to do that then say I’m “jk”. This is one of the teen ways of saying I’m playing around. Another solution is “just don’t talk”. When I say this it means  “try be positive with your friends” as well as “it is okay to make fun but balance it out with some good comments.”

Physical bullying: We do not see this a lot, but in some cases do happen. You may think physical bullying means beating the person down until they are almost. If you think this you are wrong. Even a small punch to a friend, which may hurt, is still counted as physical bullying unless your friend is okay with it.

Emotional bullying is similar to verbal bullying. The only difference is emotional bullying can lead a person to suicide in worst cases. However, verbal bullying can lead a person to suicide in worst cases because they are linked. Emotional bullying can hurt a person’s feeling for a long time period if they are sensitive. Some sensitive people absorb what other people say about them and get hurt. Therefore sensitivity is not bad. Everyone should be a little sensitive. Emotional bullying exists  in many places because some bullies like to put other people down so that they are known as ‘popular’.

In conclusion I think bullying is a serious issue everywhere and it can be a minor case or a major case. Sometimes we don’t realize we are a bully and sometimes we do. In order to prevent this catastrophic behaviour we must be able to care for others and try be nice once in awhile to prevent this behaviour.

Even though you don’t think you are bully, think again. Are you a bully?

Comment below. What is your perspective or solution?



One thought on “Are You a Bully?

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  1. Hi Rishi, thank you for reminding your readers that bullying takes many forms. As you mention in your article, bullying is very damaging and hurtful. Most bullies do not identify themselves as bullies!
    If you see another person being verbally bullied, you can step in to support the person who is being bullied. This is helpful, kind, and caring.
    Thanks again for your article–Ms. Larue


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