Burmese Treats

Story by Ivy Lin

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Burmese tea leaf is called LaPhet in Myanmar. Burmese people enjoy eating it as a salad (LaPhet tote) or drink it with condensed or evaporated milk as tea (LaPhet yay). Tea leaf salad is usually eaten after a meal as a refreshment or a snack. The leaf can be eaten alone or mixed with dried shrimps, roasted pumpkin seeds and thin tomato wedges.

(Laphet Tote – Tea Leaf Salad)

The most famous drink in Myanmar would be the Burmese milk tea. It is mainly drank in the morning and around noon time but some people like to gather at a local tea shop with their friends to have a chat while drinking tea. It is made with pickled tea leaves, condensed and evaporated milk. Depending on how sweet you want your tea to taste, you can choose to add none or a lot of condensed milk. It is best if you don’t drink the tea or eat the tea leaf salad around evening time. It can make you to have trouble sleeping at night.Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.36.47 pm


(Laphet Yay – Milk Tea)

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  1. Hi Ivy–Thank you for informing me about different uses of tea in Myanmar! Tea leaf salad sounds delicious–I will try it when I visit Myanmar! –Ms. Larue


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