Child Abuse in Korea


Story by Helen Cho

Child abuse occurs around the world even now. Almost 5 children die every day because of child abuse. This information is from Dosomething Organization (

What kind of abuse exists ?

There are many different kinds of child abuse that exist. Sexual abuse is occurring around the world. 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys are sexually abused before they reach the age of 18, according to Neglect is ignoring the child whether the child is sick or not. Physical abuse, Emotional/Psychological abuse and abandonment also exist.


As the economic situation in Korea goes bad, people in Korea lose their jobs. Because they lose their jobs, they get stressed and feel angry. Not all of the people who lose the job abuse their children, but unfortunately some of the people who lose their jobs express their anger to their children.

What social class assault children more?

Of the people who committed child abuse in 2015 in Korea, 80% of them were parents. In 2010, 3 children, In 2013, 22 and In 2014, 20 children were killed by child abuse. This information is from Korean State Broadcasting System.


Under the law, everyone below 18 years old is considered a child. Around  the world over 25% of abused children are under the age of three, and over 45% of abused children are under the age of five. This information is from Safehorizon Organization.

The number of child abuse cases increased 17% from last year, according to Korean State Broadcasting System which is Korea’s government news outlet. 80% of cases are caused by parents.

Where does the abuse occur? 

Most of the people who abuse children are parents but also kindergarten teachers abuse children because young children are hard to treat and mischievous children are harder to treat. Also young children have difficulty to concentrate and understand the what the teacher wants them to do.

These problems make the teachers get mad.


How can we prevent child abuse?

Actually reporting the abuse to police is hard for children because if they are young they don’t know where to report and who to tell. Therefore neighbors should report to police instead of the children. Teach children what child abuse is.

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