Fact of Diet Coke

Article written by Ju Eun Park

Is it really helpful for diet?

“It’s fine, because this is Diet Coke, it has zero calories!”

Diet Coke, one of the most popular beverages in the world, is a sugar-free coke unveiled in 1982. It is loved by many people who want the taste of coke but low calorie.

However, is it really helpful to reduce their weight?

Actually, Diet coke is NOT 0 kcal, but it has only little calorie. Aspartame is the main ingredient inside the coke which has 1.2 kcal per 100ml. But the researchers suggests that if you drink more Diet coke, it makes you weigh more and become unhealthy.

‘Zero coke’ is a coke that has less calorie, but STILL it’s a coke! Diet Coke uses ‘Aspartame’ instead of Sugar to make it taste the same as Original Coke. In your small intestine, there is a sensory receptor as tongue, so if you drink Diet coke, then it responds like sugar. Then, your small intestine absorbs more sugar and develops a tolerance to sugar so it will make you look for more sweet food.

In conclusion, even though you are not a person who regularly drinks Coke, you will search for sweet things. You can ruin your diet or healthy food life because of the Diet coke!

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  1. Hi Ju Eun–There is a fair amount of quality research about Aspartame and its effects. Aspartame is not a natural food, but rather an additive. Thank you for giving us some information to think about regarding “diet” Coke. Your article reminds us that calories are not the only thing we should consider when choosing what foods to put into our bodies! –Ms. larue


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