Flying Caps: Class of 2016 HS Graduation

An article written by Kate Judith

Graduation – an event that marks the end of high school careers of many individuals around the world. It is, no doubt something that every student looks forward to. Graduation is the ticket for a ride that will take you farther and farther into the future of your choice. People look forward to Graduation because they see it as a part of growing up. It is an achievement that each of them had been working hard towards for most of their lives. Students graduating from High School are no longer bound to the struggles they had to face as a high school student. Graduation, at least in most schools, includes the graduating class sitting positioned in rows, sitting in wait to receive their high school diploma.


On 20th May 2016, ISS had a graduating class of 42 students, parting different ways. Yet, they will always be connected and have a wholeness as all of them, no matter their background had survived two years of IB together at ISS, a school smaller than most schools. Some would say that ISS is the underdog of Singapore international schools, as suggested by graduation speaker Tommy Handoko, who was also the president for the class of 2016. But ISS never fails to bring about strong-willed and open minded people by the end of the high school course. A community is built within the walls of ISS, though ISS does not have many walls as it is in quite a tropical and natural environment. It doesn’t confine its students but much rather liberates them to explore different cultures and beliefs, and to study and work in places that aren’t just the ones in the actual school building but also in the national and international community.


When asking multiple students who had just recently graduated as class of 2016 at ISS, they all had similar responses as to what they felt the purpose of graduation was. Carrie Reidinger, a graduate from America and Singapore said that she felt graduation was “to bring closure to ending high school”. She has had quite a successful 4 years in high school at ISS, and graduation was the event that concluded her time and hard work spent at ISS. Another student interviewed whose time at ISS meant a lot to her was Surabhi Nagar who was also the vice president of the 2015-2016 school year “The change from high school to university or work is such a big jump for everyone that it doesn’t sink in. Graduation helps with the realization that we have to be independent adults now.” She had said, in the interview conducted to several students about graduation and how they feel or felt.

Though most graduates were 18 years of age or above and already legal adults, graduation helps to mark the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. The graduates interviewed, did not feel as if the graduation event itself was that big of a deal, as they see it as more of a transition into the real world where they go to new environments and beginning their transformation into a real adult, outside of high school. After graduation is over, the graduates tend to feel lost as if they have nothing to do after, from what Surabhi Nagar and Carrie Reidinger said. However, they both feel excited and well prepared for university and the future. Graduate Surabhi Nagar proclaimed that “the world better watch out for the class of 2016.”

To see more photos from the graduation, go to:

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