The Burmese Zodiac

Article written by Kyi Shinn Khin

What do you think about when you hear the word “zodiac”? I bet you most of you will reply, “Chinese zodiac”. However, there are a lot of other zodiacs all around the world that we might not be aware of. So let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard of the Burmese zodiac? If you know about it, that’s great, but if you don’t know about it, it’s OK! In this article, I will be talking about the Burmese zodiac, so that you can determine what animal of the zodiac you are and see if your characteristics match.

To start off, the Burmese zodiac, like its name, originates from the South East Asian country of Myanmar. The zodiac is based on the day of the week that you are born on. It is essential for all Burmese people to know their day zodiac, because when you pray at a Pagoda, there is a specific part of the Pagoda you have to pray at which is based on the day you are born. However, this doesn’t only apply for Burmese people. Foreigners who visit the Pagodas of Myanmar can always stop by their specific spot and pray, and the Burmese people would be very proud.

Let’s start off with Sunday. The zodiac animal of Sunday is the Garuda, which is a mythical bird that originates from Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Your ruling planet is the Sun and your ruling cardinal direction is Northeast. You are definitely very kind and generous, to the point that you might give freely to someone who really needs it. You love challenges, and the harder the obstacle is, the more you want to take it on. You motivate and inspire others with your persistence.

Then comes Monday. If you are born on a Monday, your zodiac animal is a tiger. It sounds quite great already, doesn’t it? Your ruling planet is the Moon and your ruling cardinal direction is the East. If you are a tiger, you are intelligent, intuitive, strong and patient. One thing you cannot help but purely despise is when people waste your time. You also really like to succeed in multiple fields, and you’re very obedient–you take responsibility for your own time.

On Tuesday comes the majestic king of the jungle; the lion. Your ruling planet is Mars and your ruling cardinal direction is Southeast. Anyone could look at a Tuesday born as simply a majestic person like a lion. Just like the king of the jungle, Tuesday borns are natural leaders and love to adventure. They have dignity and honor. They are also quite correct with their estimations, and they’ll take on any challenge–especially if they’re going to support “the little guy” of the fight.

Wednesday is a special day because there are two different zodiacs on the same day. This is most likely because Wednesday is the middle of the week and they wanted to split it. However, the zodiac animals are not that different from each other. If you are born on Wednesday morning, your zodiac animal is an elephant with tusks. Elephants are quite intelligent, aren’t they? Your ruling planet is Mercury and your ruling cardinal direction is South. Unpredictable and energetic, you are also quite spontaneous and your passion is loved by the people around you. However, you also have a sense of danger that could easily get you into trouble.

If you are born on Wednesday evening, your zodiac animal is an elephant without tusks. Your ruling planet is Rahu and your ruling direction is Northwest. People might think it’s that it would be quite similar to the zodiac with an elephant with tusks, but just read ahead and you will recognize vast differences. Despite the fact that you like taking action when there’s a small risk, you are kind of hard to figure out because of your mysterious aura and absolutely hate it when people butt in your business. Well, according to sources and what Burmese say, you are quite successful!

For Thursday-borns, your zodiac animal is a rat, whose ruling planet is Jupiter and ruling cardinal direction is West. You might think, “Well…rats. They’re tiny, and they’re pests”. Actually, there’s even a famous folktale in Myanmar about a rat who rescues the lion, the king of the beast, from biting the net it was trapped in. People with the rat zodiac view things as new opportunities. With your clever and quick mind, you are ready to do whatever it is to get what you want. You can be very focused, by sometimes quite OVER focused, as well as introverted and quiet. Getting ahead of everyone else also becomes quite a natural thing for you.

On Friday comes the little guinea pig. Their ruling planet is Venus and their ruling direction is North. Guinea pigs in real life can be easily underestimated because they may look cute and not cool, but for Friday borns, that’s definitely not something to immediately underestimate them on! They are creative and artistic by instinct. You are also a wonderful friend to the people around you. However, one of the downfalls is that you would tend to focus on many things at the same time, and if you try one thing you will easily get bored of it and move on soon.

Saturday is rolling by, and for babies born on that day, here comes the dragon. Ruling Saturn and the cardinal direction of Southwest, a dragon is definitely a mythical and “awesome” animal you shouldn’t miss out on. Well, who couldn’t have grown up thinking dragons were so cool? Saturday-borns are very understanding, intelligent, and people will be naturally attracted to their abilities, such as your great sense of humor. You are more of an independent worker. One of the beliefs you put your heart in is the fact that you control your destiny and that you shouldn’t rely on others for it.

These are all of the Burmese zodiac. Now that you have read through, can you find which zodiac you are? Can you find the similarities between you and the zodiac? I sure can find a lot. Remember, this is not only for Burmese people. The whole world can know about the Burmese zodiac, and if you pay a visit to the Golden Land of Myanmar, you can now find your planetary post and pray there.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 3.21.20 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-07 at 3.21.13 PM

(On the right) Shwedagon Pagoda’s Sunday Planetary Post, (On the left)Shwedagon Pagoda’s Wednesday afternoon Planetary Post

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