Your Big Dream Is Unachievable – NOT

Story by Shintaro Miyata

We have a dream.
It might be a small dream, which is more like a ‘goal’. But it might be as big as being a millionaire. There is uncountable amount and range of dreams among us. However, there are a lot of people in the world who are not having the dream. My home country, Japan is one of the countries where a lot of people have no dreams in them.
My dream is to become a K-pop star. I want to become a person who sings, and dances on the stage, spreading twinkles, merriment and hope to the audiences. I want to be able to fly around the world, performing in front of a wide range of audience, and I want to make them think, “I want to be like him”. … A lot of people laugh or ridicule after hearing this. It is very frustrating hearing those people giggle as if I am a stupid person who is saying random crazy delusions. A lot of people who had their dream must had abandoned trying to achieve their dream by this. Well, who are they? Are they someone who is an important key to achieving your dream? Most of the time, no. They are just random people who are trying to make you a ‘non-dreamer’, like them.
…But Isn’t it ridiculous to give your dream up just for these ‘non-dreamers’? I think it is very foolish thing to do.
There are reasons why they do not have a dream. They think that dream is unachievable. This is most of the reason why people are trying to deny the possibility of you achieving the dream. When I talk about my dream, a lot of people says that is not possible to achieve. Well… who knows? No one can see our future, or decide our future. It is very funny because they are saying ‘you can not achieve it’ when they have not experienced what you want to be. Fo example, when I talked about my dream, lots of people ridiculed and said, “You really want to be a pop star? There are lot of practices you have to do, and you have to earn a lot of money. And I don’t think you can be pop star. You are not handsome, your dance moves have to be more professional, your singing is not that great, and you have to be able to speak Korean! See? It is not possible!”. Do you see this? This person is saying these statements, without really knowing what could happen. They might have seen information on Internet, but we don’t know who is really writing on it. It might be that ‘non-dreamer’ again. Who knows?
These are what I thought every moment when ever I was losing my way. Actually, before writing this article, I was concerned what to write, and what to tell you at the last. However, I remembered, whenever and whoever I asked the question, “What should I do when I lose my way?”, all the dream-achievers tell this to me, “Never give up, and stay hungry.”

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