Student Council Kampong Rep Elections

Elections for Kampong Representatives will be held on Monday (Day 3) in Kampong time.

Kampong Representative structure:

In Grades 9 and 10, each Kampong will elect a representative. Kampong reps will then pair up with the rep of another Kampong in the same grade, and will decide who will be the Primary and Secondary Rep.

In Grades 11 and 12, each Kampong will elect 2 reps, one Primary and one Secondary.

The Role of the Kampong Rep:

  • Represent class at Student Council (STUCO) Meetings;

  • Share information from STUCO meetings with Kampong;

  • Collect money from Kampong for Free Dress Days, etc;

  • Help to plan and facilitate awesome Student Council activities (Lock-in, Formal, BBQ’s, etc)!

  • Attend Student Council activities;

  • Help to generate ideas for STUCO activities and work towards the goals of STUCO;

  • Promote and generate excitement for STUCO activities to encourage Kampong’s involvement;

Join the STUCO and help make positive change at ISS! Student Council is also a great way to build your portfolio for the future!

Any questions see Saadman, Daniel, Kinari, Chelsea, or Mr Matthews.

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