Canteen Meal Ordering

Beginning next week, the canteen will only provide lunches for students who have PRE-OREDERED their lunches online!  No more lunches will be available for purchase on the spot. Snacks items will continue to be served as they currently are.

To pre-order lunches online, you need to do the following:

1. Buy a Meal Order Card from the canteen.
* These cards will be on sale this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

2. Go the the website given on your card and follow the steps there
to pre-order your lunches for up to 1 month in advance.
* Payments must be made through PayPal and a 50 cent charge is added each time you
make an order. For this reason, order as many lunches as you can in advance at one time.

3. Pre-orders must be made at least 2 days in advance. After pre-ordering, you will swipe your Meal Order Card and your custom lunch box will be given to you. This will make for quicker service at the lunch counter.

This new program will improve the options available to you significantly and will allow you to customize your lunches a little bit more. Enjoy!

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