After discussions between the Student Council and School Leadership, the Free Dress Day rules have been revised and updated. This is an attempt to give students more opportunity to express their fashion sense while maintaining a reasonable dress code.

BE AWARE: If these rules are not followed closely, Free Dress Days will be cancelled for the year!


All legwear length must be no more than 5 CM above the knee.

No showing of undergarments – No undergarments should be shown in any way. This includes:

– pants that are too low;

– see through clothes;

– Tube tops, spaghetti straps, inappropriate tank tops;

No Tops with inappropriate cuts – This means tops should not be cut too low at the front or back.

No showing off midriffs/stomach.

No vulgar/inappropriate images or language on clothes.

Sleeveless shirts are allowed as long as the shoulder strap is at least three fingers wide.

No Hats indoors

No heeled shoes.

No open toe shoes- this include all kinds of sandals, flip flops, etc.

If in doubt, don’t wear it! Penalties for breaking free dress day rules will be immediate Friday afternoon detention, and possibly being sent home to change!

—-Student Council

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