Behind Mindful Mugs

Contributed by:  Kinari Adiarni


“This isn’t a black and white world. Not everyone has a healthy mind, and no one should have to deal with it themselves in an attempt to fix their problems. Mental health is important, but some people have difficulty keeping it fit. We must embrace the colours within different minds, and work together for a healthy mind. A healthy, not black and white future.”


Sharaf Momen (G12), President of Mindful Mugs


As explained by Sharaf, the world is not a perfect place for the human mental condition as we are constantly being thrown at by life, various challenges and dilemmas. While others might be succeeding at going past this, for others it might be very difficult and essentially impact them to the core. This is what led to a company to start its business is not just offering a great product but most importantly, a great message. Through interviews with various members of the team, we were able to get a thorough behind of the scenes.


What is Mindful Mugs?


Mindful Mugs is a company that begun in August 2016. Created as part of the Junior Achievement Singapore competition, this company offers both a product and a service. Through various colorful and creative designs printed on to our mugs, this product hopes to achieve in being a great addition to your daily needs as well with being equipped with a cheerful reminder to brighten up your day and keep you motivated. Another important aspect of it is its QR code. When scanned, it would lead you to our website. Here, you are able to learn more information about which we are as a company and what we value and most importantly, we post on a weekly basis of inspiring videos, quotes, photographs, stories and more! Many of these are original work from our team, which we work hard to provide, similarly like a service.


What is the problem? What is the solution?


While selling a mug is great on its own, we wanted to do something bigger – we wanted to create a difference, even if that meant one small step at a time. Being a group of teenagers, we understood the challenges that come with growing up and how our mental health can easily be affected by stress, experiences and more. For many out there, there are those who are struggling to get through the day or even to get out of bed as their mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety have become a major part of their lives. It is shown through statistics that those who are struggling barely ever ask for help and that is because of the stigma that is associated with it. This is caused by the lack of awareness among communities and most importantly as it is often a topic that is avoided, no solution or help is being made.



To create a world of utmost social satisfaction through strong mental health.



Serving awareness in our mugs to quench the thirst of understanding that people with mental issues face.


Who are we?

The Mindful Mugs team consists of 16 students from ISS International School with an array of diverse backgrounds. Each of us are currently studying in our last year of the IB DP and while we are actively revising and working on school assignments, we couldn’t miss out on this great opportunity of experiencing the process of liquidating a company and essentially building it from scratch. While most of us are studying Business and Management as one of our core subjects, we also consist of students who do not study Business but are interested in learning more about it.


mugs 2

For more information on the company and the team members, please do go to their website: ! Soon enough you will see them sell more around the school campus, so I do encourage to please do involve yourself in this great cause and help raise awareness of the importance of mental health.

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  1. Hi Kinari–Your group project is worthwhile, especially raising awareness so that people who need to reach out will feel comfortable and safe in doing so. Thanks for the article, and for the cool mug. “Minds matter.”


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