How to Survive Your First Year of High School

By Kyi Shinn Khin

The first year of high school can be quite difficult for all of us. We were in middle school, we were having lots of fun, and suddenly we get crammed with work and multiple projects once we come to high school for the first day. High school is also the time when a lot of students tend to move to different schools in different countries; and that can be really hard, too. However, you’re not alone. There would be many 9th graders around you, thinking, “Oh my god, this is such a nightmare, how would I survive my first year of high school?” Truth is, surviving 9th grade–the transition from a rather immature middle school life to a mature high school one–can be quite easy. Here are a few tips for you.

Number one, don’t procrastinate. I know, it’s kind of hard to NOT procrastinate, right? We all want to have fun, and yes, having fun is important for us. Getting our work on time is important, too. Practicing the act of getting your homework on time in high school will be a big help for university. After all, why wait until university to do it? Especially with projects such as the Personal Project and Extended Essay, it’s important that you get your dates right.

Number two, always organize yourself. Keeping yourself organized is very important. If you need to get a folder to keep all of your things organized, or a planner to keep track of your homework and project due dates, do it! There’s nothing wrong with being more organized than others. It will help reduce how much you procrastinate, as well.

Number three, get lots of sleep! Sleep is important, and we all love to sleep. We all like to play games, go on social media, and just do what we want until we realize it’s already 1 or 2 in the morning. But if we don’t get enough sleep, we get grouchy, and if we get grouchy, we tend to lose focus and get irritated at every small thing. It’s a bad habit especially when you want to focus on your studies.

Number four, balance your school life. Don’t just focus on studying, because when it comes to sports and creativity, it will be hard for you. After all, playing sports, drawing, playing an instrument and so on can be really fun sometimes. Doing this in 9th grade would be great preparation for CAS projects in your DP years as well.

And finally–always remember to have fun! You should still remember to not procrastinate and everything, but at the same time, no one would make it without lots of fun. Go out with your friends when you’re free, and just fool around, tell jokes, and have fun together! It’s important during your high school career that you keep yourself happy, because stress will never be on your side.

Without further ado, take these tips straight into your brain so that you’d go through your first year of high school like it was a walk through the park!

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