International People Trying International Food

Contributed by Apoorva Chugh

For this edition of ISS Voice, we thought it would be fun to film students along with teachers, trying international food in the spirit of international day. The food includes Indian, Korean, German, Japanese & Argentinian snacks and drinks. We had a lot of fun making this video and got some very interesting reactions. Have fun watching:) Thank you Halima, Theodor, Jooho, May, Rocio, Mr. Flisak and everyone else who helped either film or allowed us to film them! 🙂

Link to the video:

Have a great break everyone!
– Apoorva

2 thoughts on “International People Trying International Food

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  1. Hi Apporva, your concept was terrific, and the editing of your video was both smooth and logical. Although there were a few blurry areas, this did not detract from the fun and interesting presentation of your video! Also, your selection of music was terrific! Well done–let’s put it up on the TV screen at school!


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