Trumpet Teacher – Dan Z’Berg

For those interested in the trumpet lessons on site the information is

Lessons are $45 a session

Typically 30 minutes long once a week.

1. Location

• Lessons will take place once a week in school campus.

2. Lessons and Cancellation
• Notice of cancelled lesson must be sent to the teacher via email as early as conflict date is known (e.g. field trips) no less than 24 hours in advance of anticipated missed lesson, with the exception of one excused sick day per term.
• Make-up lesson can be requested once per term.
• Any make-up lessons will be scheduled per the teacher’s availability before the end of term.
• In the case make-up lesson is not possible, the payment made for the lesson will be credited towards the next invoice.
• Lesson no-shows are not refunded nor made up.

3. Invoice and payment
• Invoice will be sent out monthly at the beginning of each month.
• Payment should be made to Schlub Brass (S) Pte. Ltd. via bank transfer or mailed cheque.

Come and see Mr Hoddinott if there are any other questions

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