Dance ECA – New at ISS !

Contributed By : Risako Tsugaru and Chloe Kim

New dance ECA was established a couple of weeks ago and started to practice from last week. In ISS, there was already existing another dance ECA but new dance ECA will especially focus on K-POP dance. Nine members joined this ECA and practice for recital that will be held before winter vacation. Actually, both of us (writers of this article) are members of this ECA and joined practice last week. It was almost first time to dance for some members but other experienced members were teaching dance and tried to make it the nice one. We practiced for about an hour and we were all sweating.

We are going to perform ‘’TT’’ by Twice that is really popular especially among Asia because of its cute dance.

We interviewed to Risa Yamazaki (G10) who co-founded this ECA with June Park (G10).

Interview (Risa Yamazaki, June Park)

  1. Why did you establish this ECA?
  • Risa : I established dance ECA last year but I quit it because of my busy schedule. But I still loved dancing, K-POP and also perform something in front of people so I actually didn’t want to quit it.

          More than anything, I had regret that I left the dance ECA at that time.   

          Thankfully, June asked me to establish new dance ECA many times so we

           decided to make it together!

2. Have you ever performed before?

  • Risa : I have danced since I was a G6 student! When I was a middle school student, I performed in UN night and hair spray. In high school I performed in talent show that was held during WWW! I never have taken a dance lesson so I just dance in my style. Every time I’m quite nervous but I am motivated by everyone’s applause! In other words,  I’m addicted to dancing?

3. Do you like dancing?

  • Risa : Of course!

4. Why do you like dancing?

  • Risa : I love dancing because it doesn’t have any rules. It can be a performance  whatever I express in it. Dancing is so amazing because everyone can enjoy it without limitation(like rules). I always cannot stop expressing something so dancing is a tool of that. It’s like a language for me. I’m especially good at robot dancing and pantomiming and they both are quite weird dancing style. But I like to see everyone’s reaction when I make something that is an unique one.


The new dance ECA practice every Wednesday. If you want more information about this ECA or want to join it, please feel free to contact Risa, June and other members! All members are waiting for your participation!

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