Strong Effort Made this Season, and… Success!

The ISS girls’ volleyball season has ended on 4th of November 2016. The girls in the team practiced every Tuesday and Thursday for about 2 hours for 2 months. This season made ISS so proud and it was amazing! The 2016 season was the best, since they ended up with winning the gold medal! After the last match, I had the chance to interview some players of ISS girls’ volleyball team.

Tania Lo, was one of the players who said she really enjoyed this season. Tania said she has little

screen shot 2016 12 06 at 6 53 46 am
screen shot 2016 12 06 at 6 53 46 am

experience playing volleyball before, but she has never been on a team. She thought practice in general went better and better as time went by. She emphasized Mr. Jungo, the coach of team made the team get better. “As we played the game, Mr. Jungo told us what we should do for improvement, so we could focus on the specific part. I think Mr. Jungo’s contribution to our team was really significant, because he was the one who’s observing the game and learn strategies from the other teams and taught us. We needed to know what we are doing good and bad but since Mr. Jungo watched all of us, we could realize what we should concentrate on.” She also mentioned every player had such enthusiasm and passion towards winning the game, they could made such a result happen at the end. Tania was satisfied with how much she improved throughout the season saying, “I improved much better that I could be considered as an ‘okay player’ (giggles). Before, I even didn’t know how to serve or spike but as I practiced, I became much more confident with them.” She ended her interview by setting a goal to continue playing volleyball in the future.

And the other player, Kinari Adiarni who has played since grade 9 and continues until now, answered some of my questions, as well. She said she just joined volleyball because she thought it’s quite fun when she was in grade 9, and she found it fits her so she continued. She mentioned that teamwork is the most important element of being part of this team and that communication was key as players cannot play volleyball alone. Also, she found out it is quite difficult to play when new players enter as the year changes, but it’s it’s okay as the time goes by because they can know each other well what they are good at. She said this year, she had more fun and felt very comfortable as the team bonded very well together and that practices got better from the very beginning. She added that it was such a honour to end the season with gold medal although she found herself to be very nervous prior to and during the match as there were a lot of fans out for this gold medal game.

We also interviewed Mr. Jungo, this year’s volleyball coach.

screen shot 2016 12 03 at 12 34 09 pm
screen shot 2016 12 03 at 12 34 09 pm

Mr. Jungo started coaching in 1994, and he had such an amazing experience. So he used to play for 10 years when growing up in the Swiss regional leagues, was a coach for the Swiss local teams, and also served as a referee. He mentioned that players this year were very nice because they had good atmosphere on the court, like helping each other and always supporting each other. But Mr. Jungo mentioned there are difficulties when coaching team sports because there are 2 to 3 players who are exceptional all the time. It’s difficult to choose the players to send out during the match because he needs to choose whether to give exceptional players play to win the game, or give every player the opportunity to play. But Mr. Jungo usually tries to provide chances to everyone to make big progress and to balance the different age groups. But this team performed great because ISS beat strong teams such as the German European school and UWC. Lastly, he answered that he mostly focuses on making students improve individually. But he considers the most important thing to be building an understanding of the game because they really can perform well when they understand positioning on the court. Also, anticipation is important, such as making players figure out what is going to happen next leads to practical skills for people. He added that the last match was the best because they had two matches with SJII in total this year. The first time they met, ISS lost. However, they were able to beat SJII in the finals to end and finish the season with a gold medal.

As part of the audience who went to see the last match, I could see how much effort every single person on the team was putting in. Before the match, some players seemed like they were feeling the pressure because it was the last match for the gold medal and there were big expectations from the school. In

screen shot 2016 12 03 at 12 30 44 pm
screen shot 2016 12 03 at 12 30 44 pm

addition, there were more than 20 people who went to watch the match. Overcoming their nerves, the ISS volleyball team won the first 3 games on the last match, and they went straight forward to the gold medal.

The ISS Varsity girls’ volleyball team brought big honour and pride to ISS. Throughout this year’s girls’ contribution and practice, we could learn the lesson that we can do it, if we put effort into it.

Personally, I was very impressed with the results and appreciated how hard each player worked, because their teamwork seemed so great and there were even some people who were brand new to the team.

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