The world could use more heroes…

Written by: Tarish Kadam

Overwatch, one of the biggest first person shooter games of the year released on the 24th of may this year, has hit a huge success in it’s first six months post-release, with the end of its second competitive


season last week and and an overwhelming player base of over 7 million in the first week and more than 20 million today. The team based shooter set in the near future in a world with laser pistols and teleportation to A.I robots and superhuman abilities. It’s a technophile’s paradise! The 3d graphics can seem appealing to almost anyone with high quality performance and server connectivity to the three main servers in the US Europe and South South Korea. The game has incorporated an intensive competitive system for its players ranking them amongst others and globally.

This is common with the game’s developer Blizzard Entertainment Inc. That has over the years developed highly successful and popular Massively Multiplayer online or MMO games like the infamous StarCraft II and World of Warcraft with energetic youths from all over the world ready to play actively on a regular basis. The competitive scene was getting some serious heat last in late October to early November with the announcement of the Overwatch World Cup planned to take place Blizzard’s annual video game convention, BlizzCon X 2016. Months after they were assembled following a community vote, teams representing nations and regions from around the globe will compete for glory at BlizzCon. Sixteen teams would compete in best-of-three round-robin group stages during Opening Week, all hoping to progress to the single-elimination playoffs and play on the BlizzCon stage.

The final chosen teams from the various participating regions of the world were grouped into four alphabetical groups, similar to regular sports with four teams on each group. Grouping nonetheless, with each team’s intention to defeat all others in glorious combat and outstandingly climb their way to the top and win the Overwatch World Cup! After a week and a half of intensive competitiveness with the whole world watching and rooting for their favourite teams, the teams placed in the quarterfinals were announced as the teams that would play at the live BlizzCon event. The teams, Russia, Finland,

overwatch world cup 2016

South Korea and Sweden more than easily stomped over any of the other teams’ slivers of hope and paraded their way onto that live BlizzCon stage to participate in monumental battles striking one another down and on the final day of BlizzCon two legendary teams emerged, Russia and South Korea, in a final showdown to take the Overwatch World Cup!

I think its obvious who won…

It’s a known thing that South Korea is generally better than everybody else when it comes to eSports. They’ve dominated eSports league after league, but this World Cup was something special. South Korea not only won it all against Russia, but did it without dropping a single map. They never lost a single map the entirety of the tournament in fact taking a perfect score back home and with all that glory to go and play more video games. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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