Attention ALL Drama and Language A students G9-12! Check the timetable below and go to the HALL at the appropriate time.

On Wednesday the 8th of Feb we have a shakespeare specialist coming to school to conduct workshops with many of you and to deliver a shakespeare performance. Attendance at this is compulsory and attendance will be taken in the hall.

The schedule is below:

9.10-10.10am DRAMA FOCUSSED SHAKESPEARE WORKSHOP with Drama students in G9. G10 and G11. This means that you will need to ask to be released from P2 15min early and be 15min late for P3. You will also miss their break time so bring a snack of from home this day.

11.15-12.15pm G12 LANGUAGE A SHAKESPEARE WORKSHOPthis is during your short break time and Language A class time.

12.30-1.20pm SHAKESPEARE PERFORMANCE all G9, 10 and 11 drama students and all G9, 10, 11 and 12 Lang A students (compulsory attendance) in the hall to watch this. This will mean that these students will lose 15min from P6 (for G9/10 this is pastoral care, for G11 this is from a period, G12 have Language A anyway).

2pm-3pm G11 LANGUAGE A SHAKESPEARE WORKSHOPthis is during their class time.

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