A Cancerous Tumor in Our Planet – Deforestation

Written by: Yang Chen

Our environment is being slowly damaged by human-caused disasters today. As the development of technology rapidly increases, it brings more economic benefit for us but more environmental damage to the planet. Deforestation is one of the biggest problems we are facing today.

Many people ignore the facts about trees. They are the most essential natural resource for providing the basic and the most important human requirement for survival, which is oxygen. However, people’s greed for money and a more developed society requires a large amount of waste of natural resources. In the case of deforestation, people are clearing the forest for more productive land in the purpose of build up factories for businesses to earn more income; or enlarge the land for construction of more buildings for settlements and other uses. Although we can obtain a higher quality economy and physical need, we are losing the quality of environment.

We are destroying the Earth by ourselves. The environment is gradually worsened by human-made damage each year. We are currently facing the problems of air pollution, climate change, drought etc. These problems actually have a huge impact on us. First of all, as trees are being cutting down and forest being decreasing, there are fewer chances for air to be purified. In the biggest polluted area, Beijing, people are forced to wear masks when they just stepped onto the streets. The polluted air has a huge affect on people’s breathing systems, especially the lungs. As the rate of people getting respiratory disease is increase, the mortality rate is also increasing. Secondly, the chance of desertification of land is increasing in many areas of the world as a result of clearing the forest. Trees are important to maintain land to be productive for agricultural use and also it provides wildlife steady habitats, as there is many animals are facing the problem of extinction today.

Right now, trees are being cut down in every minute or even seconds in all over the world. Maybe a forest will be cleared up while you just finished reading this article. As a part of the world, we need to prevent deforestation and to improve our living environmental quality by planting more trees and encourage everyone around us to take an action on rebuild a healthy world!

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