Deforestation in our World

Written by: Siwei (Jennifer) Liang

Deforestation is one of the biggest issues in our world that needs a sustainable solution as fast as possible. Deforestation means a huge area of trees has been cut down. The reason why there is deforestation in the world is because people cut down thousands of trees for money. Because those logs can be used as many things, such as furniture, artworks and so on. However, people never think about the results if they cut all the trees down and do nothing to change that kind of situation. Many countries are facing deforestation; Cambodia is one of the countries, which is affected by deforestation. This article is going to introduce the deforestation in Cambodia, impacts of deforestation and some ways to solve deforestation.

In Cambodia, a huge area of trees has been cut down; even the trees inside the national parks cannot survive from illegal logging. 75% of forest in Cambodia has been cut down since 1990s. They cut down many different types of trees especially rosewood. Huge area of trees has been destroyed. People also cut trees to build houses5 so that they don’t need to spend money to buy logs. Although there are some people who plant new trees, the speed of cutting trees is much faster than growing trees; therefore, Cambodia is facing deforestation now.

Trees are not renewable source, it is limited and it takes a long time to grow. In my opinion, I think we should do something to protect that kind of source. Because when we are destroying trees, we are also destroying the world, if the all the trees in the world have been cut down, there won’t be anything that can purify the carbon dioxide in the air and provide oxygen to people and animals. Everything will die at that time.

I think we should try our best to do something to help protect trees, help protect the environment, and help protect human even if it is just a tiny thing. You can buy the furniture that made of other materials to decrease the demand. You can also plant trees or just water them using wastewater. For people who are engineer and work for designing road or communities, they can design the houses or roads and also think about the tree protection. I also think that government should allowance the people so that they don’t need to cut down trees to build houses. Those things can help solving deforestation.

Deforestation is not only in Cambodia, but also in other countries, people should think about some sustainable ways to solve or reforestation, so that we will not destroy the world and ourselves.

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