G12 Art Exhibition

Written by:  Halima Ansar Zaman

A feast for the eyes. A challenge to the mind. A riot of colours. An explosion of ideas. This is the ISS Art exhibition. After a lot of hard work and struggle, our grade 12 seniors are at the verge of successfully completing their last year in school, waiting eagerly for the day to finally receive their IB diploma.

The Grade 12 visual arts students conducted their final exhibition on the 22nd of February, with the best artworks they had created over the course of 2 years. The exhibition took place in the main hall from 5 to 8 pm. Many artworks of different varieties were placed all around ranging from

pencil drawings to even graphic designs. It was a very colorful and an engaging event to explore art in the eyes of the students. Students were given a place around the hall to exhibit their artworks. The grade 12 art students who were a part of this were; Kinari Adiarni, Lena Blattmann, Athalia (Ela) Gisela, Nathalia Kelana, Vera Lynn van Kessel, Keisuke Nanjo, Gabriella (Gabbie) Angitta Sari and Keshi Wang.

This event gave a great opportunity for students, teachers and parents to interact with the artists themselves and have a one-on-one conversation about their exhibit area.

On behalf of the entire ISS Voice team, we wish the Grade 12 students the best in life and the best of luck for their final exams 🙂

Here are some comments from the viewers;

Each piece of art is unique and intriguing. Certain pieces resonate with my values and belief for which I would procure if I were a curator! Each student

could articulate their theme and the ‘story’ behind their work really well. Awesome job Grade 12s!

There such a wide variety of concepts, media, and artist influences shown in the artwork at the G12 Art Exhibition. Our G12 students did an amazing job! I enjoyed chatting with the artists and learning more about their concept, inspiration and art process. I especially liked the little house with stacked rooms by Lena!

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