Global Interactions and Development In Cambodia

Written by: Risa Yamazaki

Cambodia, a country in Southern East Asia, is one of the developing countries, which has demonstrated progress in 2016. However, there are many issues that must be solved as soon as possible. I think Cambodia must execute more global interaction to make more advances. Global interaction gives countries many benefits, such as more variety of foods, raising and regulating the quality of education and medical care and making progress in technology by using MEDC’s technology. In January, most of the G10 students went to the Cambodia for  WWW. We saw many issues that Cambodia faces when we were volunteering . I reconfirmed that positive global interaction between MEDC and LEDC is essential to develop the country and help solve the issues about the quality of life for the population there.  

Food and water are necessary resources for humans. Water is essential for human lives because it makes food. Without water, any organism cannot be fed any advantages for their lives and they would die. Water is also important to make our lives better. For example, from an aspect of sanitation, water must be good quality and clean to prevent infections due to bacteria. If there is no or less water in a specific place, people cannot flush their discharges in toilets and wash filth properly and it might make people come down with some infectious diseases. To protect and guarantee human life, clean and useable water is necessary for many aspects.

The quality of water is one of the complicated issues that exists in Cambodia. Through WWW, we have done some voluntary work and spent some time there. During this time I have realised that there is a problem of water scarcity. First, there is less crucial clean water. At least, we could intake clean water. However, when we wash dishes or body in the shower, only the water we could use was bucket water, which has a limit to pour.  Moreover, there were some cases that the water in the city caused inflammation to some students. The water quality problem in Cambodia is complicated, and  not only exists in the countryside but in the city. I thought about how do local people in the same place use water to clean dishes and even for drinking. We might get enough clean water because we paid money to get and we came from another country. But how about the people who live in the place for a long time? Do they enough money to choose and purchase water appropriate to drink? Or do they have any technology to clean the water by themselves? Maybe, they do not have both. Local people in Bang Pae, seemed like they have much less choice for essential resources than us.

From our developed country, we felt that there was insufficient technology to provide water to the each household through experiencing some voluntary work. Toilet making was one of the major tasks which made us think about the scarcity of technology to develop. We dug ditches and made a canal and wells. In most of our native countries, these businesses must be practised by professionals, instead of by students like us. In Bang Pae, however,  ours help was required to build the systems to make their life more sustainable. We have found some scarcity problems on their economic space to get proper cares for their developments. What they need to make their life more sustainable is some imports from other countries. It must be technology because only imports of consumables are not the long-term solution. If the people, who study that technology, come to Cambodia and teach basic techniques that any people can practice or revise, there is an expectation that the water problem can be solved and should create a better quality of life.

Like these examples that I mentioned, there are so many developments and issues which promote Cambodia to go into recession. In this WWW, we had a great opportunity to recognise how blessed we are and think about what can we do for these countries. Without any resources that we have in our life naturally, such as wifi, unlimited clean water, hot water, and flushing toilets, the first time we could notice that we have precious resources, and even we can lose them if we waste them. We are the next generation which controls the world in future. Therefore, what we have to do now is to be aware of the problems which exist around the world and focus on the solution that we can come up with. Recognition of issues, and correcting things that we can change might improve the world. We can start noticing and modifying from small things. As Mother Theresa said, “ Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

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