The ePortfolio and How the Grade 10s Are Managing It

By: Khin KoKo HSU and Kyi Shinn KHIN

It’s no joke that the ePortfolio is one of the most stressful parts of being a 10th grader. However, is it just an obstacle blocking the way that you just have to get over? Of course not. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about your Arts subject, or improve your English comprehension skills. You need to give your best in every ePortfolio project that you have to do. After all, it is just an assessment (although, not so easy), and you have done a lot of assessments in the past before.

We asked a few of the current 10th graders (all anonymous) about their projects and advice that they would give to the students taking the ePortfolio in the future. We interviewed one Art student, one Music student, one Drama student, one Design student, and one English B student.

As stated by the anonymous art student that we interviewed, the Art ePortfolio is about “researching an artwork and showing how artists show awareness of change in innovation through their artwork.” The art students this year created a wide range of products, ranging from 3D models and sculptures to meaningful artwork painted on canvas.

The Design students are working on showing people the importance of innovation through videos. On Tuesday, the 7th of March, they visited the elementary school to share their final products. Although creating videos may sound like fun, there is a lot of written work, as the student told us. So, if you are going to do your ePortfolio for Design, you better be prepared for big writing assignments!

In Music, students are writing and composing their own music for the ePortfolio. The entire purpose of the ePortfolio, as noted by the student we interviewed, is “to influence social justice and change and make an impact on our peers.” Composing music comes with a lot of steps; from brainstorming lyrics to trying out and testing different melodies on different instruments. There is also quite a lot of writing involved in the Music ePortfolio.

Most of the current 9th graders will be familiar with the performance about Cambodia that the 10th grade drama class recently performed. This is all a part of the Drama ePortfolio; creating awareness through acting, and acting out the experiences they had during Week Without Walls in Cambodia. Risa Yamazaki, who we interviewed, also touched on “Boal’s Theater”, a form of acting that the students had to learn. She decided to base her performance on child labour in Cambodia. Risa chose this topic because she felt that students like us, who were the same age as most of the child laborers in Cambodia, need to know this situation and appreciate our fortunate lives compared to theirs. She and the other students all wrote their own scripts and directed others to act for them.

The Mandarin, French and English ePortfolio was different compared to the ePortfolio for the arts subjects, and a lot more similar to semester exams. You will have a reading, writing, listening and oral exam. This is the only ePortfolio assessment that you will feel extremely familiar with. But then again, it’s always helpful to review and study beforehand!

As a part of their interviews, we asked the interviewees for some advice that they would give to the students taking the ePortfolio in the future. All five interviewees told us very similar advice; don’t leave everything to the last minute, choosing the topic that you really feel passionate about or interested in, and constantly reviewing main concepts and topics covered in the classes. Simply put, the music student we interviewed had also referred to the ePortfolio as “the second Personal Project”, which the current 10th graders have just completed.

The whole ePortfolio is very challenging to do but if you have the passion and aim to do it, you will succeed. Even if you are not passionate about it, you will be able to go through it as well. A tip for the 9th graders, think about what you want to do for your ePortfolio now so that you will have time to think about more ideas for the next year. And as for all the 10th graders, good luck to you all, do your best and try hard! We will survive this journey together!

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