The Green Planet

Written by: Yuki Hanabusa

Have you ever heard the word “deforestation” before? I guess most of you here know it very well because deforestation is one of the major and serious global issues this planet has today. Deforestation is the word describe us a process of losing nature such as trees. WWW was one of the best activity weeks for us to understand more about deforestation.

Before I tell you more about deforestation, let me introduce our trip briefly. We went to Cambodia for six days and out of those 4 days, we stayed at a place called Beng Pae, which is far from the capital of Cambodia. We helped the cola community by building a sanitation system, teaching English to local school students and doing reforestation. Reforestation is the method to solve the problem of deforestation by planting and growing trees. We planted trees and cleaned the ground around the trees to help it grow faster. By taking the grass off, the tree can take the nutritious better so trees can grow faster. It was hard. The strong sunlight burned our skin, and tools we aren’t used to stole our energy. But, what we did will gain great result in the future, and it will help future generations to live with nature.

By the way, have you ever been to Cambodia? If you haven’t, please imagine the country full of trees, blue sky, dazzling sunlight and chirp of birds. We would not see hundreds and thousands of stars in Singapore like Cambodia always do. Yes, they have lot more trees than us. But why? Why do they need to plant trees? Why did we plant trees for them? The answer is, trees are major resources for them. They build their houses with trees. They use trees to make fire. They drink coconut water taken from coconut trees. Trees are necessary for them, but now, it’s hard for them to sustain their nature due to population growth. This isn’t a problem only for Cambodia. It’s a “global issue”. We are also facing this problem! We are the one demanding trees to make paper, furniture, and tools, and losing trees caused to another global issue to occur, which is the “global warming”. Trees have function of absorbing carbon dioxide and change it to carbon. However, since the number of trees decreased, the carbon dioxide now covering atmosphere of earth and that is causing our planet to be warmer and warmer.

We need trees; we are depending on trees. Therefore, the illegal logging is taking place. But we must save our special planet for our future, and for our future generations. We must stop cutting trees without thinking for the future! We must stop making our planet warmer and make use in the north and south poles melt. The Earth should not be blue. Earth should be a green planet!

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