The Unexpected Disasters

Written by: Eric Jung

The world is suffering from the loss of tress. Even though trees provide residents many advantages, they do not realize the benefits and continue cutting them. We have to stop deforestation, if not, we will lose valuable assets in an attempt to achieve small gains. Typically, there are famous places where deforestation widely takes place. These places are Cambodia and the Amazon.

Cambodia is losing its natural forests at a rate of about 208000 hectares a year (Will Tucker/ August 13, 2015). This takes up about one-third of Singapore’s entire land mass. The trees are cut down for human’s convenience and the empty land enable people to structure the houses and other buildings. However, people do not know that remaining trees are more beneficial and there will be terrible impacts on the results. Without trees, the possibility of flooding will increase, and air pollution will become worse quickly.

Cambodia and the Amazon have very rainy weather, so whenever it rains a lot, the roots of trees absorb the water and grab the land to not slide down. However, as many trees are gone, there are not enough water containers like trees and plants. Floods occur and it would destroy everything people made for their comforts on the lands where trees were cut down. Air pollution as well as flood is one of the serious problems. That’s because trees clean the air producing oxygen.

In the past, the Amazon was called the heaven of the natures as there are various animals and plant, also, the Amazon preserved the real nature without humans’ touch. But nowadays, people in Brazil cut down the trees in the Amazon for profit. They may think the trees are just few among many trees. But his continued fore several years and lots of trees have been cut down until now and many problems have occurred. Animals lost their habitats, which has led to unusual migrations or the decrease in animal numbers. Therefore, this will eventually bring the breakdown of the ecosystem. This not only bad for animals and plants but it is a big problem for us. Continued damaged on biodiversity can someday lead us to extinction too.

Protecting the forests in Cambodia and the Amazon are important tasks. This will make our lives better and also guarantee a better future for our next generations.

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