Varsity Girls’ Badminton

Written by:  Apoorva Chugh

The ISS Girls Badminton Varsity team won their first match against UWC last week. With other matches coming up soon, the team has been practicing with enthusiasm and energy.
Typically for some people, practicing badminton would mean playing matches. However, the practices are not only about applying our skills and playing matches- but also about learning new skills. Mr Bushong, the girls badminton coach has been really supportive and encouraging towards the team. “He has taught us a lot of new shots which are really helpful” says a player.
Slowly working our way up, the team has developed many new skills that have helped our performances improve.
We learnt new shots like drop shot, smashes and deep shots which not everyone was familiar with before.
The team used to go over to the HP building to practice but now we go over to the Clementi Sports Hall which gives us more space to practice. Recently we were taught how to hit net drop shots and Mr Bushong told us to play a game involving only drop shots – this way we learnt a new shot type and practiced it throughout the game which made us all learn the new skill really fast.
“Badminton has been really exhausting but fun at the same time, we have been practicing a lot and I’m really happy that we won against UWC, hopefully we will win more matches!”

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