Worst Trip Ever!

Written by: Keijiro Kojima

A few weeks ago, I went to Lombok Island in Indonesia for ISS grade 11 Week Without Walls trip. I stayed there for five days, and did some cool activities such as snorkeling, visiting the shark market, interacting with local kids and creating our own bio-rocks. The food was really delicious, and the hotel was nice too. Through this trip, I got to know a lot about Lombok Island and how beautiful the place is.

It sounds like I had a wonderful trip there, but unfortunately several unexpected accidents happened that made the trip the worst trip I had ever had. I would like to introduce two of them in today’s blog.

We went snorkeling on the second day of the trip. We were asked to bring reef safe sunscreen since ordinary sunscreen that contains chemicals could be harmful for underwater corals and other marine organisms. I searched online for information about reef safe sunscreen and finally chose the one called Banana Boat Sunscreen. However, during the trip I found that it was not a reef safe one, and I had to go snorkeling with no sunscreen on. The result was expected; I got terrible sunburn. My whole body turned red, and everyone laughed at me. But it wasn’t that funny; I suffered from a severe pain when I got back to the hotel, and it lasted for a few days.

Here is my suggestion to those who are going snorkeling: PLEASE, DO BRING REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GET A TERRIBLE SUNBURN LIKE I DID!!!

Tap water in Indonesia is generally undrinkable as it’s contaminated. However, tap water in Singapore where I live is not. Since I was used to living in countries where tap water is clean and drinkable, I accidently drank a glass of the water before I go to bed. Next morning, I woke up with a terrible stomachache and ran into the bathroom. I couldn’t come out for an hour. I realized that this severe pain was due to the tap water I drank yesterday, but it was too late. I was late for the bus leaving and almost got detention…

Tap water may not be drinkable in some countries, so please check it out before you suffer from a terrible stomach pain, which could ruin your trip.

The accidents above are just a few of many that happened. Trips always have accidents and troubles, and I think that’s one of the things that make your trip fun and enjoyable. However, if they go beyond a certain level, that could ruin your trip. Please be fully prepared and have a nice trip!!!

Lastly, please comment on my blog; could be a request or suggestion or anything!!

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  1. Hi Keijiro–I love your title, as it certainly got the reader’s attention! I also was on the Lombok trip, so I really wanted to read what made your trip the “worst trip ever!” I’m glad that you were fair in your article, mentioning several of the great things that you enjoyed. I also appreciate how you used your BAD experiences as reminders to others, so they would not have those bad experiences. Thanks again for your article!


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