Deforestation Around the World

Deforestation around the world

Misusing the gift of nature

By Khin KoKo Hsu

Wildlife, nature, trees and plant have been a part of this planet Earth since millions of years ago. They are the lifeline and the beauty that the Earth gave us. But right now, we have been misusing that gift of nature. We cut them down to make roads, land for farming, paper, wooden furniture and most importantly, money. People are after money, and they get greedy and blinded by money. In order to get more income for their business or family, they forget what trees provide us.

Factories use brutal machines to cut down thousands of trees so they can produce wood-based products for us to use. Farmers are setting beautiful forests on fire to gain more farmland or to produce more palm oil. Little did they know that if we continue this way, destroying the nature, one day our skies won’t be as blue as it is right now, the oceans will be filled will algae with no living sea creatures.

Farmers want to clear a part of the forest to use it as farmland. Fire destroys everything very fast. By using fire, farmers will waste less energy and will be able to clear the land without wasting too much time. On the other hand, fire can get out of control, creating wildfire in the forest. This type of fire can lead to a destruction of the whole forest, wiping down every tree and creating haze. Haze affects our health, especially for elderly and children. The air will be so polluted that everywhere we go, we will have to wear gas masks to shield us and our planet will become a place where we wouldn’t want to live.

Trees provide us with oxygen. It takes carbon dioxide that we release and gives us oxygen in return. Without or with less of them, how will we clean up the carbon dioxide in the air? Would we want to breathe in burnt charcoal air or fresh air? If we burn down thousands of trees in one go, our children and future generations will have to breathe in polluted air in the future. And it’ll all be our fault that they will have to suffer because of our greed and mistake.

Now we have to take action and improve our ways of using nature. Plant more and cut less. Stop the destruction and change your ways.

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