Invitation to Sorting It Out: A Student Documentary about Recycling

Are you in Singapore on March 30th….
My name is Wingyan, a sophomore currently working on Sorting It Out, a Yale-NUS documentary about recycling. I am writing to invite you to the screening of our documentary.

We started out the project last semester to look into the university’s recycling facilities. Then we looked into the recycling scene in Singapore and questioned the role of recycling in creating environmental consciousness in the community.

Our effort will culminate at the screening on 30th March, 2017 (Thurs) at 7 p.m. at the Yale-NUS Performance Hall. After the screening, there will be an one-hour panel discussion with environmentalists, business leaders, academics and students about how we should improve our recycling system, and what kind of sustainable waste management strategies we should adopt for our increasingly urbanized world.

We think this would be a great educational opportunity for students in International School Singapore as sustainable waste management becomes increasingly important in our land-scarce city. In our interviews, we came across views that recycling might be a deterrent for some of us to change our consumption-heavy lifestyle. These NGO workers told us that recycling should be replaced by policies targeted at reducing waste at source, e.g. plastic bag tax, minimize packaging. We would therefore like to use our documentary as a campaign to raise awareness for such social change, or the rebuttal thereof.

We hope that you can help us spread the news to teachers, parents and students who are the part and parcel of the education system. If you need a description for the event, please feel free to use the paragraph below:

Sorting it Out is a student-initiated documentary about recycling. Have you wondered what happens to the stuff you throw into the mixed recycling bins? Do you think that recycling can be a self-gratifying action for those who can’t see their consumeristic lifestyle as a problem? Whether you just want a fun movie night or a discussion for social change with environmentalists, businessmen and academics, this screening event will be an inspiring experience. Invite your friends and family to this social awareness campaign! Register at ! Refreshment will be provided – Date: 30 March (Thurs)| Time: 7pm | Venue: Yale-NUS Performance Hall.

If you are interested in knowing more about the event, please feel free to check out our Facebook ( and Eventbrite pages (! You can also reply this email if you have more enquiries.

Thank you and have a great week ahead!

Wingyan YIP
Yale-NUS College | I’dECO, Yale-NUS Sustainability Movement | Sorting It Out Documentary | Research Cluster | wingyan.yip | +65 88692876 | 10, College Ave West, Singapore 138609\

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