Final Days in the MYP

Final days in the MYP

Article by: Kyi Shinn Khin

The 12th grade students have recently just finished their high school careers and are heading onto university, and meanwhile, the 10th grade students have just finished the MYP programs. The MYP programs starts in grade 6, and ends in grade 10; nonetheless, right after one has finished their e-Assessments, the student is no longer considered an MYP student. I guess right now, you can say that we’re somewhere in between the MYP and DP; but heading more towards the DP.

Even though it is not seen as a very big step like completing grade school; the MYP program was something that all of us 10th graders went through in order to prepare ourselves for the IB, and later for university. Some of us can’t even believe that we’re done with the MYP and are heading to the IB soon. To us, transitioning from the MYP to DP program is a very big step that we have been preparing for.

As a part of this article, I interviewed a couple of anonymous 10th grade students to give their feedback about how the MYP program went for them. The students had many different backgrounds; some of them have been studying the MYP program since grade 6, while some of them just arrived recently and are still fairly new to the program, despite the fact that they just finished it. Most of the students agreed that the MYP is somewhat helping them prepare themselves for the DP. One of the students talked about the Personal Project. “I think the Personal Project helped me prepare for the DP, particularly with organization and time management,” he said. Another student compared the MYP to her previous school’s system. She told me, “It was really interesting how MYP focuses a lot more on critical thinking and concepts. It was different from my previous school so it’s kind of nice to see a change in the way I study.” All in all, we can see that the MYP has prepared students immensely for challenges to face ahead in the DP. Now all we can do is see how well the MYP has prepared students for DP.

And as the 10th grade students approached their final exams and completed their World of Work internship programs, many are anticipating what they will do next for Pre-IB. This year went by so quick, and it won’t be long before us, 10th graders who just completed the MYP, will soon complete the DP program as well.

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