Teachers versus Students Badminton Game

It’s the end of the varsity season! Our badminton team won a silver medal this season- winning 4 out of 5 matches.

After finishing all our matches for the season, Mr. Bushong and Mr. Whitehead thought it would be fun to have a ‘teachers versus students’ badminton game during the very last practice session.
The teachers that played were- Mr. Bushong, Mr. Whitehead, Ms. Missen, Mr. Jungo, Mr. Hoddinott, Mr. Vaughan and Mr. Bache. All of us were hence paired up with different teachers. We had 6 singles match and 4 doubles match.

In the end, mostly all matches went up to the third game and they all were all a close call. We had a total of 10 matches and the students won 6-4 against the teachers. The boy’s badminton players won all their matches while the girls won one.

There is some amount of sympathy for the teachers from the students. Since we didn’t have enough teachers, some teachers played two or more different players/ teams which was (I assume) extremely tiring.
Overall, playing with the teachers was a new experience. We got to play someone who we had never played before which was challenging- at the same time really fun.

“I think the match was fun even though I lost to Mr. Jungo- TWICE”

– Halima Ansar Zaman (played singles against Mr. Jungo)

“I was conflicted about who to cheer for, but I’m glad I won my match”
– Mr. Bushong (Girls badminton coach, played singles against Apoorva)

Extra: Notable wins included- Mr. Whitehead beating MVP for girls team- Mai Hasegawa

– Apoorva

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