Botanic Gardens

Author: Khin KoKo Hsu


When you hear the word Singapore, what do you think of? A well-developed city covered with trees? Well, that’s actually true because Singapore really is a nature-loving city. You can see trees and buildings everywhere! For this article, I want to talk about the Botanic Gardens.

So here is a little background of the Botanic Gardens. It is a tropical garden that is 158 years old! Crazy, right? Singapore found its independence 52 years ago but this garden has been here for 158 years! ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-EIGHT years! Okay, moving on… This garden is located near Orchard and has a couple of entrances. It’s very spacious and the scenery is beautiful! Perfect place for a family outing or a picnic.

IMG_8180When I went there, I saw many families and friends hanging out together, sitting on the mat near the pond or walking around together. This is Singapore and Singapore is HOT all year round. Well, sometimes rain pours unexpectedly. By hey, what I’m trying to say is that when you go there…DO NOT WEAR HEAT TRAPPING CLOTHES! I am warning you! If you decide to wear heat-trapping clothes, it’ll be very hard for you to have a pleasant time at such a beautiful place.

I went there around 6pm and it was cloudy. Still, it was super hot. I was sweating and looked like I just came out from a shower and didn’t dry myself. Yes, it was that hot. Imagine going there earlier than 6 on a sunny day, it could have been worse. This can be your next favorite family and friends hangout place or maybe for a date! *wink wink* Hey, the view is kinda romantic, wouldn’t you say? If you’ve been there, comment below and let others know about your experience! Maybe give some advice as well for other readers and myself. Thank you and will see you again in the next edition. Good luck, everyone!

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