Breast Cancer Awareness Walk (BCAW)

Author: Liu Shuai Zheng

BCAW – the short name for Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, is one of the largest charity events in Singapore. On 7 October 2017, participants of the walk gather at Waterfront Promenade for this annual event.


ISS students have participated in the BCAW for years. Each year, our student leaders introduce and promote the event at school and communicate with the host by themselves. Because of their effort, many ISS students were able to attend the event with ease.


“We definitely felt responsible for the students” said by Camille, one of the student leaders:“I had to manually insert 90 student’s personal information to sign up for the walk.” As a grade 12 student, Camille’s time is no less important than others. Putting this together is surely a challenge.


During the planning stage of BCAW, our student leaders had to talk to 5 different people at the BCAW association, send more than 10 emails to ISS students and collect fees from all participants. Until now, they have up to 95 students who signed up and attended the event, making it the highest compare to previous years.

Screen Shot ၂၀၁၇-၁၂-၀၈ at ၉.၀၇.၀၁ ညနေ.png


Personal motivation is the key to their success. Chelsea, who have been organizing this event at ISS for many years, has a strong personal feeling about breast cancer. When asked about her motivation, Chelsea said: “I just wanted to do something for breast cancer awareness. And it is also for my aunt.”. Her aunt has suffered from stage 4 breast cancer for years and Chelsea never stopped raising awareness for breast cancer. Chelsea has a plan to become a medical researcher so that she can develop new medicine for cancer patients all over the world.


Check out this video for more information:


(Shuaizheng Liu, 2017 all rights reserved)

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