By Jose Gabriel Macion – December 8, 2017

What is Globalisation?

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How is it that people around the world are able to share and communicate their cultures despite being so far from each other? Why is it that trade, travel, and communication cover a wider range of locations, ever so that before?

These questions all cover a single process; Globalisation. Globalisation is recognized as the process where as a result of trade, communication, and different interactions, the world is increasingly becoming interconnected. Through globalization, we are able to learn and understand cultures from countries extremely far away.

Globalisation and Trade

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Trade is one of the main reasons why Globalisation has increased over the years. Through trade, we have the ability to see products from different places. We have the ability to eat food that we’ve never seen or heard of in the past. Through trade, we have the opportunity to learn and discover cultures and countries that we were previously not familiar with. However, trade is not only limited to food, it should be noted that trade also covers the exchange of goods and services. Because of this, different international companies such as Samsung, McDonald’s, Apple and Starbucks have gained recognition on a global scale. People from around the world are able to recognize different businesses and the influences they bring. The peak of globalization has had a large effect on trade, to the point where it has helped create wealth in developing countries through international trade. Different products from around the world would have had a hard time gaining influence and spreading their business in the past, but with the peak of globalization, this is no longer a concern.

Globalisation and Culture

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Globalisation is an interesting and influential process. It has existed for hundreds of years, but with the progression of communication, technology, and transportation it’s reached its peak. One of the most influential effects that Globalisation has offered us is its effect on culture. In the past, people did not have the ability to connect with people from other countries in a cultural sense due to numerous restrictions. However, with the numerous advances in the past years, these restrictions have disappeared. Currently, we have the ability to go to different countries and learn about the different cultural influences and practices that lie them. Additionally, people do not only have the ability to go to these countries to learn about these cultures but also people from these countries can travel themselves and spread the different wonders of the culture they are apart of. Through the opening of restaurants or even just through simple conversation, the world is becoming more and more interconnected.

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