International Day

Author: Kyi Shinn Khin


Photo credit: ISS International School Facebook

As all of the ISS know, we had International Day on October 6th, 2017. International Day is a memorable time for all of us to celebrate the diversity at our school. We get to wear our national costumes and recognized the different cultures that our schools have. Not to mention that every International Day ends off with a wonderful buffet and a wonderful time to spend with your friends before the October break! 

Prior to the day, we had a lot of preparation time. Every day during kampong, we would come up with new ideas in groups. Later, we made the final decision on activities that we want to do with the grades that we were assigned. As high school students, our audiences were a lot younger. As most classes were assigned cultures that they were not so familiar with, it forced them to be very creative with their activity choices. All in all, it was not only a time to plan, but it was also a time for us to learn more about the culture we were assigned. 

The ‘Parade of Nations’ has got to be the best event of the day. Personally, for me, I loved seeing all of the students holding their flags and walking up to the stage to greet everyone. I could see and hear students clapping and smiling while their flag barrier went on the stage to welcome the guests. The performances afterwards were great. Like every year, everyone enjoyed it.

Another great part of the day, of course, were the activities. It was not only a chance for us to know other cultures better, but it was also a time for us to bond with many people. There are many people from our kampongs that we don’t talk to on a daily basis, so it was a great time for us to collaborate to try and pull off the best workshop possible. For us high school students, most of the students we taught were very young children, so it was also a great time to improve our communication skills as talking to children may be challenging for some people at first. All in all, it was such a great opportunity to collaborate with others and know more about the cultures that we have here in ISS.

The food during International Day was also great. We had a variety of dishes from all around the world. It was also a buffet, so even though it wasn’t at a fancy hotel or anything, it still felt luxurious in a way. We would also talk to our friends who are from other cultures about their food and how much we enjoyed it. It was nice to get a little bit of different flavors; from sweet to spicy to sour. It was also a time for us to just chill afterward, especially after 3 months of studying and homework.

To sum it all up, International Day was a great event to end off the first term of school with. Nothing could’ve been more exciting than doing activities related to multiple cultures!

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