The 2nd International Tiancai Taijiquan Championship

Author: Cai Shi Hao

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Photo credit: Cai Shi Hao

Taiji is one of the Chinese martial arts originating from hundreds of years ago; you can call in the boxing from China if you like. In old China, Taiji was well-known for its self-defense ability. When it comes to current day, people prefer practicing it for body wellness. The Taiji masters also condense each movement into a whole Taiji set, which is much more easier to learn. And this becomes the key to winning a Taiji competition: finishing a whole Taiji set without any interruption and doing it properly. The player’s final grade would refer to how well he/she did during the process.

On 30th of September 2017, the 2nd International Tiancai Taijiquan Championship tournament was held in ITE College West, Singapore. It is a global Taiji competition, which involves many Taiji players or interested people from all over the world. Meanwhile, it also promotes Taiji to more people and makes more people notice Taiji and want to learn it. From our school, Scott Liu, Tarish Kadam and I were involved to represent our school. The three of us are the members of the Taiji ECA in ISS since 2016. We have practiced more frequently before this tournament and our real challenge began on the morning of the competition.

The tournament started at 8am and ended at 2pm. During this period we saw lots of good players and their performances and learned how a professional Taiji player should play. Unfortunately, at the end of this tournament, the three of us were awarded the third place. Our group couldn’t get the first place. But for us it was still a great attempt; we are satisfied with what we got, and the experience we learned from this event that will help us do better in the future.


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